2 Easy Ways to Solve Puzzles Using Simple Tips and Tricks

Solving puzzles is an exercise for your brain. It improves your critical thinking ability. It’s an inexpensive indoor activity to enjoy with your family and friends. Puzzles are of different types like logic puzzles, math puzzles, cryptic puzzles, trivia puzzles, word puzzles, and pattern guessing. Solving some of these puzzles can be challenging and stressful. Still, the feeling of accomplishment after solving a difficult problem is pure joy. But, you cannot answer every puzzle following a single strategy. You need to think of new ways to solve different puzzles. Following are five easy tips to help you solve standard puzzles.

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1. Create a Plan:

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Read the instructions before starting a puzzle. Think about different approaches to solve a puzzle before you sit down to solve it. Identify the details and information provided to you. Take your time and create a strategy. Don’t overthink and get your mind into advanced computational skills. Don’t complicate a puzzle with intricate formulas. Most puzzles are simple. They involve either simple addition or subtraction. Without a proper plan, it takes more time to solve a puzzle. It brings frustration and reduces the chances of solving the puzzle. A study also suggests that planning is essential for complex problem-solving. Not only that, the earlier you plan, the easier the problem-solving process becomes. So, think before you start solving your puzzle.

2. Work on Patterns and Groups:
While planning your moves for solving a puzzle, notice if there are any patterns. You will be able to make progress once you recognize those patterns. For example, in the puzzle Safecracker, it becomes easy when you realize a pattern. The pattern will help you understand the movement and interaction of the puzzle pieces. The other way to solve a puzzle is by grouping them. You can group them based on their characteristics like light and dark. In themed problems like Mystery Case Files, Ravenhearst has day and night themes. So it’s time to know 160 balloons.

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