3 Best Tricks to Learn Algebra Fast

Algebra is an important mathematics topic that covers basic operations and symbols to represent numbers in formulas and equations. It is one of the most basic and ancient branches of mathematics that originated in the Arab. The word Algebra means the science of restoring and balancing. Learning algebra enables us to understand many real-life phenomena around us.

Learning algebra is an essential skill for kids as it applies throughout their academic years. Most kids get familiar with the concept of algebra by middle schools that gets much more complicated with each passing year. Understanding the basics of algebra is foundational for higher grades.

Here are the Five Best Tricks to Learn Algebra Fast:

Learn Basics

Elementary school math is essential to learn algebra. Kids need to clear all basics before they can start to learn algebra. They should have a sound knowledge of fundamental operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Lack of understanding of these necessary skills may result in facing difficulties while learning algebra.

Remember PEMDAS

One of the trickiest parts of solving an algebraic equation is knowing where to start from—remembering the order of operations helps understand where to begin while solving an algebraic problem. A handy tool to learn this order of operations is called PEMDAS. The order of operations is important as it can affect the result a lot.

Don’t Let the Variables Scare You

While solving any algebraic problem, kids usually feel fearful about variables. Guide them to consider these variables as numbers whose value is unknown. Help them rearrange the equations step-by-step by placing all the variables carefully at one side to find their values.


Children usually depend on memorizing various mathematical concepts despite understanding them. This type of learning leads to poor subject knowledge and a lack of interest in the topic. When children learn math through reasoning and logic, they gain conceptual fluency.

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