2020 may have been the year of banned travel, but it was also a year of learning that the freedom to travel around the world or even locally, could be taken away in the blink of an eye. But the biggest industry in the world – the tourism industry – is constantly evolving with the times and 2021 is totally going to be its year, because of the undeniable and powerful human desire to travel, which remains undimmed despite the pandemic.

Emerging technologies, which are a crucial part of the travel and tourism industry, have now come to the forefront and are being deeply analysed for their efficacy when it comes to battling the challenges brought on by the pandemic. From virtual travel to smart hotel rooms, here are some of the top technological trends that experts have predicted will shape the future of the travel industry.

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The term ‘contactless’ has been the word of the year, thanks to the health restrictions laid down due to the pandemic. Where personal businesses such as hospitality are concerned, keeping in touch with guests via contactless communication has been a great challenge. However, new and advanced technology assists in safe engagement between hotels and their guests. It is vital for those in the hospitality business to know that connectivity and communication at this time is more important than ever.

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Travellers are burdened with additional questions and worries, and they look to their favourite hotel to direct and comfort them at all times. This is why digital communication is and will continue to be the best solution to a range of problems, varying from internal operations optimization and productivity to smooth knowledge sharing and a genuine display of concern for visitors.

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things are just some of the revolutionary innovations that have taken charge of hotel rooms to ensure contactless experiences. All is now accessible from your smart devices – from your room key to personal entertainment during your staycation. With voice recognition technology, you can get contactless room service or book a spa session with a single click on your smartphone. In 2021, opulence, luxury, and outstanding room experiences – all will go digital.


Because of its ability to eliminate friction from transactions and make interactions seamless, recognition technology is a standout in this list of key tech trends. Fingerprint recognition, face recognition, retina scanning, and other biometric markers are also part of the technology. Some hotels are already using this technology to allow for fingerprint-based room access and semi-contactless check-outs.  However, there is hope that in the future, this technology would enable customers to pay for meals in hotel restaurants simply by leaving the place.

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