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 5 Best Social Media Websites for Every SEO User

There are a few social media sites that are terrific for SEO in Dallas. These platforms are ideal for SEO and social media marketing because they are visible in searches and rank high on SERPs. For many consumers, if they want to connect with a business, they will first check out the company’s social media profile rather than the website.

The reason is social media is a more personal experience. The response time is quicker. Furthermore, social media is more effective when connecting with your buyer persona. Because of this, consumers will be utilizing various social media platforms to get insights about a company for business purposes and other important matters.

The impact of SEO on Dallas users

Like the rest of America, Dallas users online depend on the internet for essential activities such as working, shopping, and dating. The life of Dallas residents is becoming more digitized. They can’t imagine life without the internet. Because of this, your SEO in Dallas game plan must be optimized for these potential customers with tremendous spending power.

1. LinkedIn

The main reason marketers utilize social media is for lead generation. LinkedIn is a terrific social media site for generating leads. Because of this, LinkedIn is the content marketing center of 94% of B2B marketers. Nearly 90% of marketers are utilizing this platform for generating leads.

B2B marketers are also taking advantage of this professional network. According to data, 60% of B2B leads are coming from LinkedIn.

2. Medium

Medium enables you to connect with a broader audience you could not have met if you only depend on your blog or website. Several medium articles have taken the top spot on Google SERPs. These articles were able to beat competitive keywords with high search volume.

The main reason is the authority the site commands. Therefore, if you find it challenging to rank your pages, you must take advantage of the medium’s audience of almost 154 million visitors per month.

Dallas online users are part of the statistic that skyrocketed the United States to the number one spot with 7000 internet service providers. The internet is widely used in Dallas, and its residents are currently looking for premium products and services online.

3. Facebook

Facebook is the undisputed number one social media platform in the world. The site ranks third only behind Google and YouTube. For the past six months, it has had over 20 billion visits per month.

Facebook made sharing content more streamlined for its users. It enables them to post different materials. You can post links on your blog content or share your post in its entirety. Reports say that Google even crawls and indexes links on Facebook. Therefore, Google can read its pages. Because of this, when users perform searches, those relevant pages on Facebook will be visible on the SERPs, and you will even see Facebook reviews in Google’s knowledge boxes.

The price of SEO in Dallas

SEO services in Dallas cost $100 to $200 per hour. So every month, the average SEO cost can run from $2,500 to $10,000. Factors that impact the cost include the size of your website and competition in your niche.

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