5 Guaranteed Tips for a Stress-Free Move

It is commonly known that moving can be regarded as among life’s greatest stressors. In fact, certain reports even suggest that people find moving stressful compared to divorce.

However, it doesn’t need to be taxing. Although there are no ways to make your move a fun experience, there are great tips that can make everything less frustrating and more enjoyable. Some of these tips include:

1. Choose the Best Mover

Many factors might trip you on your move day, which may cause a headache. Choosing the best moving company is among the greatest factors, which may determine if you feel exhausted or zen during your move day.

But choosing a company with the lowest quote can be a bad idea. You might save $100 or so on a quote, but if anything goes wrong, you may get yourself in hot water on liability issues.

Shortlist experts with recent or updated reviews online, look at their credentials and ask the right questions.

2. Get Prepared

Before jumping straight to packing, it would be a great idea to deal with all the admin tasks. Among the tasks you may need to do is call your utility provider to let them know that you want to relocate. Doing so beforehand can ascertain that you don’t forget and enable you to start off on the right foot.

Another great thing to plan is your meals. Try to eat up everything in the fridge before relocating, which basically means planning meticulously when you do your last food shop.

3. Take Pictures When Leaving

Before leaving your current apartment and relocating to your new house, you must take a few pictures.

Plus, you may want to clean and clear the entire space thoroughly. Consider scheduling time with your current landlord to walk around the house to achieve this.

This will show that you have taken care of the space and washed it for the next tenant who will move in after you.

4. Consider Decluttering

Moving is a perfect way to downsize. Narrow down your things as a separate process from packing your boxes.

Be sure to make a move lighter by getting rid of things you don’t use, need, or love anymore. Separate your clutters into junk, recycle, free-cycle, and donation items, and have a plan to get those things out. Once you identify the extraneous things, the packing can be much easier and faster.

5. Make a List and Label the Boxes

A perfect way to deal with the moving stressors is to handle the issue before they even arise. It is important to label all the boxes so that it can be simple to get all the things you need once you reach your new house. Be sure to also put a label on the side of your boxes for simple viewing or use color-coding boxes.

Closing Remarks!

Relocating is basically a double-edged sword. Although you can’t wait to get settled in a new house and start another chapter in your life, you are likely to encounter anxiety and stress. But with some of these tips, you will deal with all the moving stressors.

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