5 Kinds of Chair Covers You Can Choose Based on Use and Fabric

You cannot ignore the importance of chair covers in events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate functions, and more. Chairs play a significant role too with their varied patterns and designer styles. Then, according to an article published on Medium, chair covers improve a chair’s look, feel, and appeal.

If you are worried about how to plan the décor of your special event and thinking about what kind of chair cover you should choose, all your worries end here. First, you need to learn more about the different kinds of chair covers so that you can make an informed decision. Here are five types of chair covers for you to consider based on fabric and use:

1. Satin

These covers are satin-made. When it comes to satin, it is a shiny fabric to choose, if you would like to add more splendor to your seating arrangement. Stain chair covers are ideal for any outdoor event in the summer months. With shine chic of satin, your special event chairs become the showstoppers of the evening.

2. Universal

Universal chair covers, as the name tells, they go with any kind of event chair, venue, and ambiance. These covers are easily available on e-commerce stores and that too at affordable prices. All you need to do is slip the cover on the chairs and tie it to the chair’s back. Yes, that is it. It is as simple as that.

3. Spandex

These chair covers are spandex-made offering a sleek fit that the material is popular for, these days. The covers come with a stylish and modern look. When you use spandex covers to adorn your event chairs, they would exude class and sophistication. Spandex chair covers are easy to use, simple to put on chairs and call for little maintenance.

These covers are usually made of 190-gsm fabric. If you are using teardrop-type banquet chairs then spandex is the best you can get. You can slip spandex covers effortlessly and require no ironing for the perfect look and feel.

4. Polyester

Are you using square-backed or round-backed chairs for your event? If so, you need to choose polyester covers, especially if it a banquet ambiance. These covers help in creating a casual look going perfect and smooth with the overall event setting.

5. Chiavari

If you are planning to host an event that exudes luxury, Chiavari chair covers are your best bet. The material emanates a brilliant look and feel, which is completely smooth and well-designed when it comes to appearance. If you would like to add a special touch to these chair covers, you can choose from embroidered or for that matter, ruffle covers. You may even add a colorful sash to make your event chairs look extra special.

These covers are the best when it comes to design, adding elegance and luxury to your special event. The chair covers also make your event chairs the showstopper of the wedding, anniversary, or corporate event that you want to organize.


Besides the choice of fabric, you also need to know about the chair cover size and pattern based on your event requirement. No matter what types of covers you choose, always opt from a reputed online store.

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