5 Questions to Ask the Property Owners before Choosing Gated Community Condos in Tempe

What is the condo Price per month?

The first thing you want to make sure of is that the price range is within what you can afford, and therefore, asking for a price upfront is the best way to go. It is important to also inquire about any other added costs that you may have to cater for such as upkeep and amenity fees. This will make sure you don’t have any spring-up costs that you did not know about. While inquiring about the price, it is also vital to ask how often the price hikes in the condo and what factors lead to this. It will be terrible to rent a condo that has rent prices hiking up erratically, as this will seriously mess up your budget plans.

What Security features have you installed on the premises?

The next important feature to inquire about is the security detail of the place. You are going to want to know if there is 24/7 surveillance on the premises with restricted access to make sure there are no burglary cases. Things such as having security details on the gate and surveillance cameras in strategic places are great indicators of the property owner’s interest in their tenants’ security.

Which amenities are available?

You will also want to know the types of amenities that are available and their ease of access and availability.  Common amenities may include a swimming pool, an entertainment area, a kids’ play area, and a café among others. You will also want to enquire whether guests are allowed to access community amenities and what restrictions are allowed on the same.

Are there pet restrictions?

There are some gated community condos in Tempe that either restrict pets completely or restrict the pet weight limit that may be something along the lines of 30 pounds or less with other breed restrictions. Knowing this will save you the trouble of wondering where to put your pet when you learn last minute that pets are restricted on the premises. It will also help you decide if that is a place you want to choose because doing away with a pet is not an option. If it ticks all the options though and pet restrictions are not for you then it may be the right

Are outside alterations to the home allowed?

You will also want to know if alterations are allowed and to which extent. Some gated community condos in Tempe may have property owners who have strict guidelines for house maintenance. This may be a bit to retain the value of the home or standardization. You can also inquire whether other features such as grills are allowed as some smoking regulations may restrict house owners from having open flame grills.

Finding the right house can, sometimes, be a challenging task, but with the hills st maarten, you can easily land on your dream home. That is why the first step to finding the right gated community condos in Tempe for you and your family is knowing what to look for. Hopefully, with the help of the above set of questions, you will find the journey so much easier and the condos you land on much more desirable.

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