7 Ways Urine tries to Warn you about your Health 

The importance of human health can’t be denied. Taking in both physical and mental health, it is important to consider both critically important for general wellbeing. Any minor health problem can lead to severe consequences thus, it is considered important to catch the problem at an earlier stage.

Urine- An indicator of general wellbeing

Whenever it comes to the identification of a physical health problem, we normally consider medical examination and diagnostics procedures as standard. Is there any other way that can help us to find out the problem with our health?

Well, consider seeing the pale skin colour of an anaemic patient and guessing the iron deficiency. Any other way that comes to your mind?

Don’t think too much. I’m talking about your body secretions as these can also tell a lot about your overall physical health. Urine secretion, a way through which our body gets rid of harmful and toxic substances. Urine can also tell about many different aspects of your health, said renowned urologist while addressing a webinar on excretory health.

What urine tells us about our physical health?

Here is all you need to know about urine as an indicator of our physical health.

1- Hydration levels

Appropriate hydration is essentially required for the optimal performance of our body. Mostly hydration levels are indicated by the way our body responds and one of these indicators is your urine. Change in urine colouration is a sign of dehydration in the body. Though the amount of fluid your body requires depends upon your age, gender, physical activity and several other factors. Darker-coloured urine tells that your body is dehydrated and you are not consuming enough fluids. Most are from other hospitals locally or from abroad who have had rhinoplasty cost but were not satisfied.

2- Overhydration

You might be surprised to hear this term and the fact is no such term exists. Literally speaking, overhydration means the consumption of fluids more than the normal requirement of your body. Excess of everything is bad and water consumption is no exception to this.

Consumption of excessive water than your daily requirement is also indicated by your urine. In contrast to darkly coloured urine, light or straw-coloured urine indicate that you are consuming too much water and this can result in imbalances in your body leading to water intoxication.

3- Urine odour

Just like the colouration of your urine, its smell also can tell a lot about your health. Talking about your health, urine with a bad or sharp smell can be an indicator of the problem. This bad odour can be due to many reasons. From your food consumption to medications and different types of diseases, all of these factors can be causing foul-smelling urine. In case of any such indication, it is better to immediately contact your doctor.

4- Medications

Just like the food you eat affects your urine smell and colouration, in a similar manner medication can also affect your urine. Many medications can cause your urine to look differently coloured and smelling due to certain medicine components. Even some medications can cause your urine to appear blue or even green.

5- Pregnancy

Urine testing can simply be an indicator of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the level of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) changes in our body. This can be easily found through urine testing and a simple urine test can confirm the pregnancy.

6- Diabetes

Just like many other things, urine can also be an indicator of diabetes. Diabetes, a chronic disease that is characterized by a high blood sugar level. High blood sugar level can be monitored via urine testing. So, urine testing can lead to the diagnosis of diabetes.

7- UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Urinary tract infections are quite common and can take a toll on your excretory health. Fortunately, urine can indicate the presence of a urinary tract infection. From change in urine colour to its texture, the appearance of blood in urine, burning sensation while urinating, all these symptoms indicate the presence of a urinary tract infection.

Bottom Line!

Urine, an important body secretion, can indicate many different aspects of your health. Change in urine colouration, texture, and smell can indicate several health problems. Thus, it is important to seek out help from a urologist if you notice any such change. is Get The Latest Online website At One Place like Arts Culture, Fashion, movies, entertainment, Technology, Travel and Fitness and health news here. Pushpa naa songs and movies information movierulz4

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