8 Important Things to Know Before Moving to St. Petersburg, FL

Florida has become a destination for more than just retirees, but all these new residents are not merely heading to large Florida locations such as Panama City or Orlando. Most are looking for smaller, out of the way places to enjoy life and the sunny climate of the state. Although St. Petersburg, FL is certainly not considered a small town, it is certainly not a well-known destination in the state. However, more people are moving into this area each year and currently St. Petersburg, FL has a growing population of over a quarter million people. If you want a new start to life or a looking for a career change, here are just a few things you need to know before moving to St. Petersburg, FL.

Record Breaking Sun

When moving into St. Petersburg, FL you will eventually come to know downtown as The Burg. This is the name given to this area by locals, but that is not the only famous aspect of St. Petersburg. According to Guinness World Records, this city holds the record for most consecutive sunny days. The record stands at 786, so when living here, you will become a fan of the sun.

Plenty of Food Trucks

The food truck phenomenon can be felt in most major cities, but in St. Petersburg, you will find food trucks have become the true way to eat out and enjoy the city Throughout St. Petersburg, you will find a wide range of food trucks and each one has their own cult following. Among the most famous food trucks in St. Petersburg, FL are Tropiccool, The Cheesesteak Truck, Maggie on the Move, and Jimmy Meatballs. There are others, so never think you are tied to just one. Upon moving here, give every one of these amazing food trucks a try and follow them on their social media accounts for location changes.

Cheer for the Local Home Team

Game days are big in St Petersburg, FL. At Tropicana Field, the Tampa Bay Rays play each season. St. Petersburg, FL is conveniently located between Tampa and the Gulf of Mexico, so you will find plenty of memorabilia and Ray Bays merch to keep your game day fun and exciting. Goodies at the park include your typical hot dogs and beer, but do not be afraid to try the nachos and local varieties of stadium food as well.

Creativity Comes Standard

Are you among the many people that enjoy a little strange in their lifestyle? You have come to the right city. St. Petersburg, FL has a weird and funky side locals and visitors alike have come to enjoy. Indie artists can be found throughout the city, but tend to focus their marketable wares at the St. Pete Indie Market. This location is home to some unique shopping with local jewelry and art. For those looking for the odd without shopping for it. The Salvador Dali Museum should suffice. It is the largest collection of his exhibits outside of Europe, so when you want a little surrealism, this place has what you are looking for.

Want to Explore the Spirit World?

Haunted places the world over attract hoards of enthusiastic ghost hunters and when living in St. Petersburg, FL, you will be right close to one of the nation’s most haunted spaces. The Hellview Cemetery is one of the largest in the city and many are buried here, but it is also thought to be a portal for evil spirits and you can buy spirit box and experience this amazing world. This theory has not only been stated by the locals, but has also been investigated by paranormal experts that claim the cemetery is in fact haunted. If that were not enough, the city is home to many myths and legends including Dead Man’s Key, curses, and haunted forts along with a unique legend about Al Capone’s love nest, so there is certainly no shortage of places that will give you a spooky feeling.

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The Local Beach is Top Rated

Endless miles of beach and sunshine is what most people think of when they envision Florida and places like Miami have emphasized this notion throughout the years, but Miami is not actually home to the best beaches, St Petersburg, FL is. St. Petersburg, FL features an illustrious 7 mile long beach which might be small in comparison to other, larger beaches, but here, you can enjoy endless fun in the sun with a fully functioning campground, fishing pier, nature trails, and fitness trails, so there is much more to do on this beach than relax and soak up some rays. The cool waters of the Gulf of Mexico ensures a warm and inviting environment throughout the year.

God’s Waiting Room? Not Anymore.

One of the more unique aspects of St. Petersburg is its old nickname. It was once known as God’s Waiting Room. The name was given to the city in response to the number of retirees that lived in the area. About 50 years ago, the city was primarily attractive to elderly individuals, but in modern St. Petersburg, you will find an array of age groups spanning from young to old, so it no longer carries that name. Families, young professionals, and all varieties and ages of people live in this beautiful, sunny city.

Homes and Rentals

When moving to a place like St. Petersburg, FL, where you choose to live is important. For those moving into the city, the thought of purchasing a place is a lot to take in but renting a space for a time is the best way to get the lay of the land before making a purchase. Home rentals and apartments abound in St. Petersburg, FL, but the lack of storage space can make it difficult for a family of any size to have adequate storage. Therefore, storage units in St. Petersburg, FL have become remarkably popular over the past few years. Storage units offer the ability to store anything you want without cluttering up your living space, so renting one is essential for living in this growing city.

St. Petersburg, FL is an exciting and growing city, so when you are looking for a place to enjoy the sun while expanding your horizons, it is idea. Come for the sun and stay for the atmosphere in St. Petersburg, FL.

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