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8 Tips on Marketing Your Business Online

Marketing your business online can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial decisions you can make as a business owner. Whether you do it yourself, or through a digital marketing agency, you will see a great return on investment (ROI), and you’ll be able to update return and new customers on any significant news related to your business. The benefits are a given when deciding to market your business online, so the question becomes, how do you market your business online? Well we’ve compiled 8 tips to help you with your mindset, and with some technical mumbo jumbo that provides you with a great place to start.

Set your goals

One of the biggest issues that people face when they approach a digital marketing agency, or attempt to conduct any digital marketing on their own is what they want to get out of it specifically. A lot of the time people have 20 goals and lots of ambition, but not really sure how to meet any of them. It’s leaning closely to being a person who becomes the jack of all trades, but a master of none. In which case, if you want lots of different outcomes, you will have to spend lots to get it. A great place to start is to just think about how your relationship currently is with your customers. Do you need more exposure? Or do you need more people to just call up? Whatever it is, create a list of 3 goals and discuss with a professional, or look online to meet those specific goals. There are many ways in which you can achieve goals with digital marketing, so don’t stress if you feel you’re too ambitious, just take it one step at a time.

Budgeting like a boss

One of the first things that come to people’s minds when they consider marketing of any kind is budget. How much does it all cost? Traditional methods like TV advertising can start in the hundreds and work their way up all the way to tens of thousands. Now, if you have that kind of budget, it can be a beneficial option, but one of the benefits to creating a budget either through Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or by beginning SEO, is that you can start as low or as high as you like. A cheeky trick with digital marketing is that you don’t have to rush your spend. The better you plan, the better your results.

Be ready to connect with your customers

Digital marketing expands beyond just Google to the very engaging social media apps. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are fantastic ways in which you can inform, advertise and entice potential customers. Using these platforms, you can break down conventional business and personal relationships, and be more involved. Creating high-quality and relevant content is going to be key for these platforms. Using video, photos, graphics, or just simply, the written word, you and your business can become a more easily recognised brand, and an authority on your industry.

Check out the infographic below to see whicih social media platform you should be using based on your audience and goals!

Infographic created by Clover, a POS system company

Keep mobile in mind

As the world has changed and phones have gotten faster and more responsive, people will tend to use their phones way more than what they would have in past. Now Google and social media is at your user’s fingertips which means your business is too. By being optimised for mobile in your advertising you can boost your conversions. A record number of users have started trailing away from desktop searching and are now searching for businesses on their mobiles while out and about.

Look at your data

Google, Facebook and other digital marketing platforms provide you with data to go off. The beauty of this is the ability to look at what performs well, what doesn’t perform well, and improve upon results month after month. It gives you insights from the number of conversions you get, to the number of new people that visit your websites and what users return. You can use this to your advantage when interacting with your clientele by giving them a short survey, or by simply asking how they heard about you. Analytics are a great way to track your progress, and to improve the way in which you generate a sale. For instance, the data tracking available can show you what content people viewed prior to purchasing. This can indicate what information and digital marketing methods are most important to your business and to the customers that use your website, meaning you can continue to refine and improve upon the campaign you run consistently.

Focus on optimisation

One of the best things you can do is continue to improve your campaigns. A consistent reason why a marketer’s work is never done, is because times and interests change. One important tactic to keep in mind is about continuing to change up aspects of certain online campaigns to keep them fresh and effective. You can focus on the optimisation of your campaigns each time you view a month of data, and you can pause and test new techniques to see which ones perform better. Doing this you is able to continue to see great results that eb and flow, but not too radical extremes.

Keep up to date

Future proofing yourself can be done by making sure that the look and feel of your website is kept in great shape. Your website is like an interactive digital billboard and people need to know how to interact with it effectively. This can be achieved with techniques under the umbrella term conversion rate optimisation. The techniques basically involve holding the hands of your clients so that they don’t get lost or confused on your website. This is about creating a great user experience and to optimise the chances of people being easily able to purchase, book, or contact your business.

Ask the professionals

One of the easiest ways to get your campaign built is by letting the experts set it up for you. We have articles outlining some great ways to choose an effective and reliable ads agency, for you to read. But don’t take this as a must. The important thing to note with this is to at the very least watch some online marketing agency talk about some great techniques so that your campaign is built correctly. There is no doubt that with some determination and some know-how that anyone can market their business online, but investing in professionals is a great way to have your marketing taken care of, whilst you run your business, and learn how to do more yourself.

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