A Breakdown of Funeral Costs and Prepaid Funeral Plans in the UK

When a loved one passes away, you might be going through shock, grief and trauma. On top of that, worrying about finances can add to the stress of the situation. It’s important to understand how much funerals can cost, so that it doesn’t come as a complete shock when the time does come.

You can save your family a lot of stress by setting up prepaid funeral plans to help pay for your funeral in advance. There are different plans available so you can find one that not only suits your budget, but will include what you require for the funeral.

This article will look at a breakdown of how much funerals cost in the UK and what prepaid funeral plans are available.

Average Price of Funerals in the UK

Depending on where in the UK the funeral is taking place, average prices around the UK can vary. According to SunLife, who look at the cost of dying per year, a basic funeral in the UK costs an average of £4,184, which is continuing to increase year on year.

Basic funeral costs include fees for cremation or burial, funeral director, minister or celebrant and the medical certificate.

Funeral Director Fees

Funeral director costs can be the most expensive part of a funeral, sometimes making up to 60% of the overall price. However, they can be crucial when it comes to planning the funeral. For most people, they will be planning a funeral for the very first time under stressful and difficult circumstances, in which help from funeral directors is paramount.

What do funeral directors do?

  • Collect, store, prepare and deliver the deceased’s body
  • Prepare and complete forms needed for the burial or cremation
  • Sort out transfer if included in your package
  • Provide the coffin and hearse
  • Arrangements for the chapel of rest
  • Liaising with third parties
  • Providing advice and support

Third-Party Fees

Third-party fees come into play when you require services that your funeral director doesn’t provide but are needed for the funeral to take place. This can include:

  • Minister for leading the funeral
  • Cremation or burial costs
  • Fees for the doctor and cremation certificate
  • Chapel or church service

Prices vary depending on where in the UK you are, with London and the South East being the most expensive. Cremation is cheaper than burial costs, with prices averaging at £2,076 for a burial and between £168 to £835 for a cremation.


You can get additional extras added or included in the funeral package of your choice; these can include:

  • Catering
  • Venue hire
  • Decoration such as flowers and pictures
  • Death certificate copies
  • Transport such as limousines
  • Headstone

Make sure to check with your funeral director what is and isn’t included in your package, and how much it would cost to include anything extra you would like to add.

The more extras you have, the more expensive the funeral will be. Make sure to have a look around in order to find the best deals possible.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Don’t want to risk leaving your family with the stress of paying for your funeral? A way to avoid this is by setting up a pre-paid funeral plan.

With average funeral costs continuing to increase each year, setting up a prepaid funeral plan is the best way to avoid paying any extra for your funeral. With a plan in place, your price won’t rise with inflation. That means you will still only pay the price you agreed on, even if that person dies decades later.

There are even different prices available so you can find one suitable to your financial budget. The higher the price, the more is included in the plan. You can also choose how to pay for your plan.

There are options to pay for it all in one go, monthly instalments over 12 months or spread the cost between 2 to 30 years. The flexibility is what makes pre-paid plans so useful.

If you’re looking to help out your family in the long run by prepaying for your funeral, a pre-paid funeral plan is the way to go. Not only will it help relieve some stress during a difficult time for your loved ones, but you will also avoid the increasing rise of funeral costs.

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