Advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling

Homeschooling is a mode of education where parents educate their kids outside of the traditional school and classroom setting. For those parents in the trenches, they work through the day-to-day challenges of educating their kids at home, to offer the best education to their kids. Well, it is great if you want to homeschool your kids according to your preference and it is fully appreciated. There are several benefits to homeschooling your kids but there are some negative pointers too which cannot be overlooked when choosing to walk the homeschool pathway.

The information given below will help a parent to know things to expect when they homeschool their kids, detailing both the pros and cons of homeschooling. It will help you make a better and well-thought decision, if you haven’t done homeschooling before. It will help you analyze the negative points of homeschooling and whether you can tolerate them or not and what are the positive points that your kids will enjoy.

Advantages of homeschooling:

  • It allows you to prepare the curriculum and schedule your child’s schooling according to you.
  • It helps you demonstrate to your kids that education is fun.
  • It helps the parents to develop a strong bond with their kids.
  • It allows you to develop your own teaching methods suitable for your kids. You can educate your kids in the way they understand things easily.
  • Spend more time with your kids on difficult topics and move on once the child has mastered a concept.
  • Develop a flexible schedule for your child which is never possible if you enroll them in school.
  • Give them religious and ethical knowledge too along with academic knowledge
  • Protect your child from school violence, drug abuse and bullying of the kids in schools.
  • Offer the child personal interaction which teachers in big classrooms fail to provide. Give individual attention to your child.
  • Spend time with kids to help them develop any special skill they want to pursue such as music, sports etc.
  • Discuss controversial topics with the child at their preference.
  • Spend as much as you want with your kid
  • Help them during their adolescence and other testing times
  • Take the kid on vacations when public school is still going on.

Disadvantages of homeschooling:

  • Your kids will be around all day which may make them misbehaved.
  • Your child may lack the skills of interaction with other people.
  • Spend a large amount of money on books and learning materials.
  • If you are a working parent, you may not find sufficient time to teach your kids.
  • Constantly review their curriculum program and find the best suiting to meet their learning needs.

Surely the advantages outweigh the disadvantages associated with homeschooling. The above details will give you an idea of what you can expect as a homeschooling parent. Homeschooling may be daunting but it is very rewarding. One of the ways to cut down your stress is to hire one-on-one homeschooling tutors from Read Write Think for your child. They teach subjects parallel to the Ontario curriculum and assess the students from time to time.

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