All That You Need To Know About the Twitch Platform

There are so many aspects to the Twitch platform – its exponential rise over the years, why you should get Twitch followers for your channel, earning on Twitch, and finally, a detailed look at how to get Twitch followers . This post will take you through the snapshot of Twitch and how you can earn millions – yes, you read that right – if you go about everything systematically and according to the policies of Twitch.

TheTwitch Platform

The Twitch platform is based in the USA and is known for providing live streaming of video games and content, music, creative content, and broadcasting of e-sports events. Streamers play games live on the channel while their followers, chatters, and viewers watch them do so. A streamer can earn amounts on Twitch that the average person can only dream of. Hence, if you are a gaming addict and a console is always in your hands, come aboard Twitch to monetize your passion.

Now here is some stunning data on Twitch that will more than convince you to try your hand in gaming here.

Twitch was launched in 2013 but did not meet with much success. In 2014, it was acquired by e-commerce giant Amazon and from then on, there was no holding back. By 2015 the channel had touched 100 million monthly views and in 2017 took the pole position in video gaming services in the world, leaving behind then leaders YouTube by a wide margin. February 2020 figures were an impressive 3 million monthly broadcasts, 1.5 million daily active users, and 1.4 million concurrent users. Visit Here: topworld56

The icing on the cake is that currently, Twitch accounts for over 43% of all Internet-based gaming traffic in the world. All these go to show that if you are interested in raking in dollars through gaming, there is no better channel with a wider reach and scope than Twitch to be on.

Why Should You Increase Twitch Followers?

Let’s dive now into why and how to get Twitch followers.

Having a large following on Twitch is social proof about all that your channel stands for, from the quality of your content, your gaming skills, and the value you provide in the content. It also shows that you are in a niche that is separate from the thousands of channels and which makes you stand out in the crowd.

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Once you have a bank of high-quality followers checking your gaming and content, other casual visitors will be intrigued by it and will stay back to check for themselves the reasons for your popularity. This in turn adds to your already existing followers. There are several ways of how to get Twitch followers which will be elaborated upon soon.

Further, when you sign up and buy a lot of followers, you begin to rank high on Twitch. It is something like social media platforms where more the friends and followers you have the more will people be willing to join you and subscribe to your channel. When you go up the rankings on Twitch, apart from getting more followers, your earnings on the channel will start to increase too.

How to Get Twitch Followers

There are primarily two ways of how to get Twitch followers. One is the quicker way where you buy Twitch followers to quickly increase the numbers exponentially and the other is to grow your followers organically. The second option might be cost-effective but is such a slow process that it might take years before you build up sufficient numbers to make any real impact on your earnings.

Each will be considered now in some detail.

Buying Twitch followers from reputed and established sites is by far the better option of how to get Twitch followers. These sites offer followers and chatters in any numbers that suit your budget and requirements. However, before you randomly select a site to buy Twitch followers, ensure that you follow certain guidelines.

  • Make sure that the sites are genuine, have been operating for a long time, and provide only authentic followers. There are too many scammers out there waii8ng to make a quick buck by providing fake followers who fade away after some time leaving you back at square one. These are also the sites that offer followers at rock-bottom prices and so this is another red flag to look out for.
  • Avoid sites that promise a large number of followers in a very short time as they resort to automation and bots to get them. This practice of using bots to grow followers goes against Twitch policies and if you resort to it, there is a risk of your channel being banned on Twitch or even withdrawal of all privileges.
  • Pick sites that offer 24×7 customer support as they are not fly by night operators. This is important as Twitch gamers span the world across various time zones and hence, the sites should be suitably prepared at all times to solve any issues of the gamers.

The other option of how to get Twitch followers is organic growth and this is how to go about it.

The best way is to follow a regular streaming schedule. People who are attracted to your gaming skills and expertise should know when you will be streaming next to come back for more. Publish a streaming schedule on your channel along with the games you will play to hold on to your existing followers and get more.

These are some of the strategies to follow for how to get Twitch followers and earn substantially on Twitch.

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