All you Need to Know about Decra Roofing Tiles

There are several types of roofing materials used in construction industries in Kenya ranging from wooden, metallic, grasses and recently the plastic roofing. In this article I will categorically write on the decra tiles, this will add to the literature on the existing knowledge of roofing materials.

Decra, also known as Aerodak roofing tiles is a metallic roofing material that consist of a steel core that is galvanised, resiliently coated with a multilayer and finalised with an attractive layer coating that clearly differentiate it from other roofing materials.

It is designed to be light in weight, and offer high value in terms of its aesthetic features.

Since its introduction and distribution to market in 1967 it has been used in various houses not only in Kenya but also to other parts of the world.

The roofing material come in various models and types depending on quality, colour and price in particular. The types are, Shingle, heritage, slate, shake, milano and classic.

I am going to increase your knowledge on decra roofing tiles by telling you the advantages, disadvantages and how to know a quality roofing material.

  • Advantages

This may also be the benefits incurred by installing decra tiles as the roofing material.

They are;

  1. The house is always cooler despite the heat from the sun.
  2. The tiles are environmentally friendly hence does not interfere with nature.
  3. The quality is stable despite the environmental or weather conditions.
  4. The beauty of the tiles is aesthetically pleasing hence improves the quality of the building.
  5. It is durable and long lasting, study show that it can take up to 50years while still very attractive.
  • Disadvantages

These constitutes the limitations of undesirable consequences that may be experienced during or after the installation of the roofing material. They include;

1. High cost of installation

As it is known quality has its demand, to instal this type of a roofing material, you will be required to spend a little more money compared to the other materials. However, the installation cost is incurred once then the rest is to enjoy the services rendered by the roof.

  • Knowing Quality Decra Tile

The market is flooded with both fake and quality products, to know the quality decra roofing material you will need to consider the following;

  1. Know your decra roofing tiles suppliers in Kenya to trust the source and have evidence in case of complains. If possible avoid brokers at all cost.
  2. Do a market survey, to be certain of the quality and type of material you want. This will give you time to make better decisions by avoiding rush purchases.
  3. Always do not forget a warranty certificate.
  4. Learn to do enough research to be certain of the product.


With rise in investment in buildings, there is cause of alarm for the fake roofing materials, always do a research and proper analysis of the roofing material you use. Hopefully the article will help you in making better decisions on the choice roofing materials in Kenya to go for

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