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Everyone likes a good crypto exchange platform, but everyone loves a crypto trading platform that gives away gift cards, vouchers, and promo codes, and that platform is Ku coin. Kucoin is a great crypto trading where you can find outstanding information such as Ethereum price, BNB / USDT exchange rate, and much more. Ku coin also has one of the best security systems in the crypto trading game, which competent security professionals manage. Let us discuss Kucoin’s gift cards, vouchers, and promo codes.

Promo Codes, Gift Cards, And Vouchers.

Many promo codes and vouchers are always active on Kucoin’s platform, and these promo codes range in use. Some promo codes offer a 10% discount on trading fees when availed, and others offer a 50% discount on trading fees. These discounts are usually some sort of referral code, which are widely available on the internet, but using one of your friends would benefit them as well as you.

Using safe vouchers and promo codes prevents you from getting scammed, do not fall for offers that say they will give you obviously impossible benefits.

Right now, you can win a prize of 50,000 USDT in the trading bot carnival or 500,000 USD in the Ethereum price prediction game. Kucoin also features a team battle game with a prize pool of 1 million USDT. The Kucoin wallet promotion is also live, and it is a giveaway of 50,000 USDT. Kucoin has also launched an affiliate program where users can earn up to 45% commission on their affiliates’ trading fees. The Kucoin Super Trading Bot Challenge Round 2 also has a pool prize of 1 million USDT for its players. Trading PERP on ku coin may also win the users a prize of up to 20,000 USDT.

Such giveaways and prizes are always in Kucoin’s promotion section. It is best that you check Kucoin’s website for better and more detailed information.

Signing up using a friend’s referral code may give you a discount on trading fees; this will also give your friend some commission.

Users can also earn bitcoins by participating and winning the Content Creator Program on Kucoin’s website.  The Ethereum Price Prediction game has 6 rounds per day, and the game will stretch over 10 days.

On the first day, the rewards are 600 USDT. The second day has the rewards at 800 USDT. 1000 USDT. On the fourth day, 1500 USDT. On the fifth, 2000 USDT, and increasing until the tenth day, with a reward of 10000 USDT.


Kucoin is a great, reliable, and fun crypto trading platform where you can earn just from participating in games as well as signing up. Such promotions are always active in Kucoin’s promotion section. Kucoin’s users often enjoy rewards along with over 500 different crypto currencies, as well as an outstanding security system run by competent security professionals to ensure the safety of users’ assets and accounts.

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