American Women’s Eleanor Roosevelt Quarter-2023

The United States Mint is issuing a series of four-year-old quarters that honor the lives and achievements of American women. The series will feature portraits of Maya Angelou, Edith Kanakaole, Edith Otero-Warren, Maria Tallchief, and the first American woman in space, Sally Ride. In January, the coins will be introduced into circulation and honor women on the reverse side.

Maya Angelou

The U.S. Mint recently released Maya Angelou 2023 American Women Quarters images. Angelou is the first Black woman to appear on the country’s currency. She is also one of the nation’s most accomplished writers and civil rights activists. The coins are the first of a series of American women’s quarters. The series will feature five new designs a year. Other women featured in the recent quarters include Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly into space, and Anna May Wong, the first Chinese film star.

The Maya Angelou 2023 American Women’s Quarter was first introduced in January. The coin depicts a young Angelou with her arms outstretched. The coin also depicts a bald eagle. A quarter honoring astronaut Sally Ride will feature a portrait of the astronaut with a long view of Earth in the background. The astronaut was the first American woman to enter space and was only the third woman to do so.

Edith Kanakaole

Hawaii’s legendary Kumu hula, award-winning composer, and former instructor at UH Hilo will be immortalized in the new U.S. quarters in 2023. The project was inspired by Kanaka’ole’s legacy of teaching Hawaiian dance and chants to the island’s youth, and her memory is especially cherished. Kanakaole’s family and friends shared the news with Luka KanakaE, her late husband.

The project recognizes five women whose contributions to the nation’s history and development have made them worthy of a U.S. Eleanor Roosevelt Quarter. Kanaka’ole, who died in 1978, was an internationally renowned chanter, composer, and dancer. She also taught hula at the University of Hawaii Hilo and worked to preserve native arts. The other side of the coin will feature George Washington and three other American women: Mary Jackson, Alice Paul, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

In addition to Kanaka’ole, the U.S. Mint will honor four other women on the coin next year. These women include aviation pioneer Bessie Coleman, journalist Jovita Idar, suffragist Edith Kanakaole, and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The American Women Quarters Program highlights the accomplishments of female trailblazers. It also honors other living Americans, such as Sally Ride and Maya Angelou.

Edith Otero-Warren

The U.S. Mint recently announced that five new historical figures will appear on the American Women’s Quarters 2023 program. These women include astronaut Sally Ride, Asian American actress Anna May Wong, Cherokee Nation leader Wilma Mankiller, and suffragist Nina Otero-Warren. The women whose portraits will appear on the 2023 U.S. quarters are listed below.

In addition to Bessie Coleman, another American woman will appear in a select 2023 U.S. quarter. Coleman made history when she became the first Black woman to obtain an international pilot’s license. The daughter of sharecroppers, Coleman achieved this goal in 1922 and built a successful career in stunt flying. In addition to her first public flight, Coleman is also featured on select 2023 U.S. quarters.

Nina Otero-Warren is the fourth coin in the American Women’s Quarters program. She helped lead the suffrage movement in New Mexico. As the first Hispanic superintendent of public schools in Santa Fe, Otero-Warren emphasized the importance of Spanish in the fight for women’s suffrage. She spearheaded lobbying efforts in New Mexico to ratify the 19th Amendment. She ensured that all New Mexicans had equal access to education, and she sought to protect indigenous cultural practices. In addition to being an essential part of New Mexico’s history, Otero-Warren became the first Hispanic woman to run for congress.

Maria Tallchief

The United States Mint has unveiled the five women who will grace the reverse of the American Women’s Quarters 2023 coins. These coins are part of the American Women Quarters Program, established by Public Law 116-330. Each year from 2022 to 2025, the program will recognize five American women for their contributions and accomplishments. The 2023 quarters will feature the portrait of Maria Tallchief, a pioneer in the field of human rights savefromnet .


The honorees of the American Women’s Quarters Program for 2023 include dancers, artists, scientists, businesswomen, and community leaders. These women have made significant contributions to U.S. history. For example, Maria Tallchief was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame and received the National Medal of Arts. She was also honored with a Kennedy Center Honor for her lifetime accomplishments.

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