Authorised Intel Distributor: Qualities and Services

Choosing a distributor is a challenging task, with so many parties out there promising you everything under the sun and all the support they will provide. But you must know how to choose a good intel reseller. When it comes to technology (hardware/software), there’re many more boxes to be ticked before you select a reseller.

Qualities like honesty, brand image, experience, etc., are essential for a  business partner/distributor. It will help if you check for these qualities for a great future ahead and smooth business with your partners.

The article lists the features to look for in a distributor and how to select them accordingly.

1. Passionate

The top distributors are enthusiastic about the things they sell. The way salespeople talk about and display their enthusiasm for a product reveals genuine favour for the brand. While some may claim that all that is required is a desire to make money, we have found that salespeople who believe in a product are the ones that achieve long-term success.

2. Focused

While some firms may entice organisations with their impressive client list, a large client base may raise red flags. Great distributors chart on a small number of brands that they understand well. Try to find an intel reseller who looks into every detail, individual clients and do their research-work religiously.

They are well-versed in the area and have established ties with key buyers. While a major corporation may excel in a number of areas, you should constantly evaluate how well they understand your industry.

3. They take things into account

A good distributor emphasises educating and enthusing their customers about the products they represent. Rather than simply “pushing” things. A skilled distributor listens to the buyer’s needs and finds a way to position them to fulfil them.

4. Sincerity

What good is a distributor that won’t inform you when your product’s flavour isn’t up to par or the packaging isn’t appealing? If something is faulty, the buyer will point out the flaws, which can seriously hurt your chances later on. A reputable distributor will not hesitate to tell you the truth about your products right away, allowing you to address these issues before customers begin to link your brand with low standards and bad quality.

5. Open mindset

Distributors with an open mind and the ability to examine all of a product’s possibilities are extremely valuable. They must be able to take new changes in the industry and mould themselves to survive and thrive in every market condition. An open-minded reseller/distributor is an asset to your business.

6. Resilient

There are no distributors who have never heard the word “NO.” They are different, and they do not accept the negative for an answer. They are not easily deterred, and they continue to alter their offering and plan to bring you where you want to go.

7. Reasonably priced

Good distributors are aware of their value in the marketplace. They provide brands with value, albeit this does not always imply a low price. They’ll usually provide a commission-based model with a retainer to cover the cost of the work they’re doing for your company. They make a fair deal, not a hard or soft one.

If a distributor has all these qualities mentioned above, you need not hesitate about doing business with them.

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