Can Lead Thyroid Shield Protect You?

Do you know, the thyroid is one of the sensitive organs of the human body. So, protecting this organ from harmful radiation is paramount.

But how to protect such vital organs from radiation?

Lead Thyroid shield can protect your thyroid from radiation. Despite there left a question remains: can lead thyroid shield really protect from radiation? And What is the actual importance and benefits of lead thyroid shields?

In this post I will answer and discuss all of these.

The Importance of Wearing Thyroid Shields

Lead thyroid shields protect patients and medical staff if they are within six feet of an x-ray beam. X-ray beams will need to be within three feet of a person in order to wear a thyroid shield. An apron made of lead prevents x-rays from reaching the body. However, lead thyroid shields do absorb at least 90% of x-rays, so they don’t stop x-rays completely.

What makes x-rays so dangerous that lead thyroid shields should be worn?

Yes. A lead apron is proven to reduce the exposure of reproductive tissue to ionizing radiation. Lead exposure poses a threat to a patient’s reproductive organs, which may lead to genetic mutations that will be passed on to the offspring of the patient.

Despite the seriousness of genetic mutations, the amount of radiation needed to cause genetic damage is significantly greater than that produced by an x-ray procedure. In addition, lead thyroid shields provide additional peace of mind to patients by reducing what is a relatively small dose of radiation.

Is Your Thyroid Shield Protecting You?

Radiation shields and collars are meant to ensure the safety and protection of thyroid glands. Medical personnel must understand radiation protection as a safety measure.

That’s why use of thyroid shields is important to ensure safety from radiation. But the question is can thyroid shield really protect you?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, thyroid shields can protect from radiation exposure. And no because all thyroid shields can’t protect from radiation.

The fit of many thyroid shields currently available on the market can pose risks. This type of shield is often found in Cath Lab suites and Operating Rooms at hospitals across the country. There are huge holes in the protective material across the thyroid because of how these thyroid shields are manufactured.

On the contrary there are other lead thyroid shields which can actually protect from radiation. All you have to do is to find out the best product on the market.

Benefits Of Lead Thyroid Shield

1. Thyroid Shields Protect from Radiation Exposure

It is imperative for physicians who perform radiologic procedures to wear thyroid shields to protect from radiation exposure.

Radiation protection standards require thyroid shielding in addition to time spent exposed and distance between the radiologist and a radiation source.

Medical professionals who work with radiation exposure can do more procedures with shielding, as it increases the amount of time they can be exposed to radiation.

2. Protect Patients with Thyroid Shielding

The shielding of the thyroid gland is equally important when it comes to patient protection.

According to the European Commission for Guidelines on Radiation Protection, thyroid shielding provides a significant reduction in radiation doses. Therefore, it is strongly recommended all the time that the thyroid is in the line of, or very close to, the primary beam.


Since thyroid is one of the most sensitive human organs vulnerable to radiation exposure you must wear protective devices to stay safe.

And, lead thyroid shields can effectively protect your thyroid glands from radiation. But, how effectively can it do this? And why is this so important?

Throughout the post I tried to explain and answer all of these.

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