Chicago the Windy City: Know the City

Chicago is one of the largest city in the country and is the right choice to live in, especially if you want to enjoy living in a metropolitan area with all great cultural values. Though Chicago has a rich history and most of its residents are deep-rooted and have many generations down the history lane, the city welcomes outsiders with open arms. While the city is known for its lakefront, it is also a hub of waterfront restaurants and recreational activities. Chicago is known for both skyscrapers and culturally rich landscapes. If you are planning to move to this incredibly beautiful city, it is important to understand the city well before you relocate there with all your bags and baggage. So, here we present some essential information about the city that will be helpful to you no matter if you are moving for a job and/or relocating with all your family.

Renting a House

Renting a house in Chicago is probably much easier than you might have imagined, explain the best movers Chicago. Chicago is a big name and when we think about relocating to the city, the first thing that comes to mind is renting or buying a place to live. The housing market of Chicago is one of the best in the country where there is a lot of scope for bargaining. Though median house values have gone up in the year 2020, rental rates have gone down in the recent past. Overall, we can say that Chicago offers affordable living options.


Avoid traveling on a personal vehicle when in Chicago as it can be a challenge to move on streets during rush hours. But the local public transport system is very well managed by the Chicago Transit Authority as they offer convenient train and bus services. The local trains are known as L for what you can use a cashless travel card called Ventra.

While you can use adjacent suburbs to transit, you can also opt for ridesharing cabs and downtown pedestrian walkaway or Pedway. A Pedway is a system that includes underground tunnels and overhead bridges to link the Central Business District blocks. Also, you can ride on a bike as bike-sharing has become very popular in Chicago.

Though you do not need to buy a car in Chicago, if you already own one, it is wise to be prepared for expensive parking permits. Also, local people park their cars on streets as driveway space is very limited there.

Job Market

Though the recent pandemic has hit Chicago’s job market, it is improving at a faster rate than expected. Information technology, hospitality, manufacturing, and health services are major industries of the city. The biggest employers of Chicago are Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, Boeing, and Ford Motors.


Chicago’s weather completely influences your wardrobe as it gets too cold in winters while summers are very pleasant. Even they close their schools in brutal winters due to bone-chilling winds. And here are a few tips that you should be following to face the harsh winters smoothly. Make sure you do not just go out with a heavy coat and winter hats; prefer wearing multiple layers of clothing and waterproof snow boots. Also, be aware of icy and slick roads.

The most important part of adapting to the city’s weather is to accept it. You just cannot keep cribbing about the cold as this will not let you adjust anytime soon. It is wise to accept and embrace the local weather as soon as possible. Plus you cannot just ignore the significance of those beautiful summer months when people are in full motion. From May through October, Chicago people enjoy a number of festivals and events. Chicago people love life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Recreational Activities/ Outdoor Life

The Windy City is also known for its adventurous side as there are several recreational activities to explore. If you are tired from your weeklong work stress, there are infinite activities that you can do. Along with Washington Park and DuSable Museum, Chicago also comprises beautiful beaches including North Avenue Beach, 12th St. Beach, and Montrose Avenue Beach.


As we know Chicago offers you a diversified lifestyle and some of its famous neighborhoods are the best example of that. Many people prefer living in suburban neighborhoods while working in the city. If you want to enjoy nightlife and easy access to public transport then Bucktown is the answer. Hyde Park is known for the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and River North are some of the more popular neighborhoods.

The Art Institute of Chicago, the Carbide and Carbon Building, and the Aqua Building are some of the more famous buildings of Chicago. Sears Tower and Ledge Skydeck should be explored to learn more about Chicago’s history.

The city holds many festivals and events like the music festival Lollapalooza and Chicago Jazz Festival. So, if you are moving to Chicago, you have a lot to explore and experience.

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