Class 10 CBSE Board Examination 2021 Tips and Suggestions

Class 10 CBSE board examination is an important examination for all students to reach the pinnacle. This examination will have a great impact and determine the students’ careers based on their performance. The examination is very important in deciding whether the students want to pursue in the Science or Arts or Commerce stream. Scoring high marks in such exams can get one in top colleges for their 10+2 and to fulfill their dreams and goals.

In order to reach their goals and dreams and to be successful, one must have a proper time plan and must work hard and dedicate most of their time in preparing for this exam. This is the first exam conducted not by a particular school but by the board authorities and scoring well in this is a positive gateway to a successful future. This is the first step in moving towards your dreams, goals, and objectives.

Well to know what one needs to do or what are the tips for preparing for this examination, here is an article that can guide you about the pattern and what one can do to analyze the problem, and how one can find the solution.

To start, the pattern of the questions involves 25% or 25 marks out of 100 objective types of questions in almost all the subjects of the Class 10 CBSE Board Examination. This pattern is followed to date i.e., the 2020-2021 pattern is still the same. The objective types of questions involve Fill in the blanks, MCQs like tick mark the correct answers, then one-word answers type of questions. Usually, now the total is out of 80, therefore this objective type totals to around 20 marks. The objective types of questions are simpler to answer compare to descriptive type, easier to score per question asked, reliable on the facts and knowledge of the examinee.

Some exam tips that can guide students in preparing well for the class 10 CBSE BOARD EXAMS 2021

First and foremost, once the question paper is given the student needs to read the instructions well before attempting.

  • Read the questions given thoroughly and try to understand the paper.
  • Start first with the questions where the answers are known or the questions where one can solve without wasting time in thinking or figuring the solving procedure or finding the answer.
  • The student must read the questions carefully before answering any so that no mistake is made in answering the question being asked or made a mistake in solving a different question not asked. The questions must be answered according to the marks allotted and not more to not waste your time in answering the questions not according to the weight of the marks.
  • Do not waste your time

As soon as the question papers are given the students must right away start so as to be able to answer everything in the stipulated time given. Check the questions and mark them according to their levels of answering as difficult, medium, or easy.

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  • Steps of attempting:

Once the questions are marked according to their levels of toughness make sure to always try to attempt easy ones first and move on to medium and then hard. This will save your time and you will be able to attempt a maximum of the questions which are known to you and also give time to thinking about the difficult ones.

  • The next step is choosing the questions wisely:

When it comes to questions with options always choose questions that you feel you can give your best and which you can answer everything without having any second thoughts.

  • Check after completion:

After completing answering all the questions, the students should go through what they have written and recheck if they have made any mistakes in whatever they have written be it in the numbering of the answers related to the questions, spelling mistakes, and so on. The students must also check if whether all the questions are being answered or not. Before submitting the students need to check whether they have written their names and other details correctly or not or in case of extra sheets whether they have attached them with proper and correct details or not.

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