Common Mistakes to avoid while preparing for the CDS Exam

Union Public Service Commission conducts CDS exam for the recruitment of the candidates in the Navy, Indian Army, and Air Force. The candidates are required to undergo training at Air Force Academy, Indian Military Academy, Officer Training Academy, and Indian Naval Academy after qualifying in the written exam and SSB Interview. Lakhs of the aspirants appear for the exam, but only a few are selected for the training. It is normal to commit mistakes but not learning from the mistake is a demerit of the candidates. Repetitive mistakes can affect the CDS preparation adversely resulting in the poor performance of the candidates in the actual exam. Therefore, we have shared below the list of the common mistakes to be avoided by the candidates during the UPSC CDS Preparation.

No Regular Sleep Schedule

Getting enough sleep is important to feel better during the preparation and perform best in the exam. In the first place, the candidates are advised to schedule a time to sleep and follow it during the entire exam preparation. Along with the proper sleep schedule, the candidates should eat well, check their diet, and exercise daily to stay fit during the exam period. 

Skipping Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Candidates should not skip exam patterns and syllabus while strategizing their study plan and preparation. CDS Exam Pattern and Syllabus contain a lot of important information related to exams like exam format, subject-wise marks distribution, exam duration, relevant topics, and the overall marking scheme. With the help of the exam pattern and the syllabus, the candidates would practice the questions only from the relevant topics according to the exam format. This will increase their speed and accuracy to solve the questions in the actual exam.

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Relying on Coaching Only

One of the common mistakes committed by the candidates is that they completely rely on the coaching for the CDS preparation. No doubt, the coaching, and the mentors help the candidates in understanding certain topics and also motivate them during the preparation. But self-study is the main factor behind cracking any competitive exam. Candidates should practice CDS Previous Year Question Papers and revise all the topics covered in their coaching at home with an effective study schedule. Regular practice and revision of the topics can avoid last-minute confusion on exam day.

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Preparing for more than one exam

Preparing for more than one exam divides the focus of the aspirants into too many things. Every exam has its own pattern, syllabus, and books which would create confusion among the aspirants and affect their performance. No doubt it is a personal choice of the candidates to appear for one or more competitive exams. But still, they are advised to focus on exams at one time to achieve the best results.

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Focusing on too many study resources

There are several candidates who read too many books with the intention to excel in every section. Again this is a matter of personal choice, whether they want to refer to several books or not. However, one book for one subject is enough to clear the basic concepts because different books have their own ways to solve questions related to certain topics. To avoid confusion on the concepts, the candidates are advised to refer to limited books during the early stage of the preparation.

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Skipping Revisions

The CDS syllabus is vast and the candidates may forget the already covered topics if they skip the revision. To avoid this, the candidates are advised to jot down the important points of every topic and revise them often to retain the important information during exam day.

We hope the article was informative for our readers preparing for the CDC exam. And also, the candidates applying for the CDS exam should solve the past papers as well as attempt the mock test to sharpen their skills and strengthen their preparation level.

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