Compelling Reasons You Cannot Remove a Primer from the Painting Process

The debate around whether the primer is essential in the entire painting process is still hot. While professional painters believe primer is of utmost importance to get long-lasting and top-notch results, DIY painters say otherwise. While applying primer does require a little extra time and investment, it is well worth it. If you check the Asian paints waterproof primer price, you’ll know top-quality primers won’t really disrupt your paint budget.

If you’re still thinking of omitting primer from the painting process, be sure you’ll miss out on the many benefits it provides. To be safer, it is best you decide whether you will skip primer or not after reading the benefits it offers listed below.

Offers a Stable, Smooth, & Ready Surface

In many cases, the house walls have a porous surface. Now, if the surface is too porous and you apply direct paint coats on it, be sure you’ll need plenty of coats to get an even layer. Even if the paint layer looks even on the surface, the house walls might not be able to hold the paint for long, resulting in the paint coming off after a few months. If you an house owner who wants to get the best, effective, and long-lasting work done at the first attempt, you should not ignore getting the walls primed. When the surface is properly primed, wall painting images last really long.

Covers Even the Toughest Stains

Walls in older houses usually have robust stains throughout the space. No matter how much soap and water solution you use, the visible impressions still remain. If you plan to paint such walls without applying a primer, the stain impressions are guaranteed to affect the final paintwork, resulting in an uneven appearance.  The only way to efficiently and permanently get rid of these stains is by covering them with a top-quality primer. Apply a coat of primer to cover any visible flaws or imperfections, and let it dry. Once done, apply a coat of your favorite color.

Takes Care of the Glossy Surface

Some people feel that primer is necessity only when the wall surface is stained or porous. The truth is you also need to prime walls before painting if they earlier had glossy paint applied to them. It is because shiny surfaces are hard to paint, and no matter the number of paint coats you apply, they just won’t stick to the surface. Getting such walls primed ensures the new paint adheres to the wall properly and lasts really long.

Besides the benefits shared above, primer also does an excellent job covering up odors that porous walls absorb due to smoking inside the house, regular cooking of food items with a strong smell, etc. When a coat of primer can do so much in significantly less investment, why not get it done? You can get a reasonably-priced primer from a top paint brand and use it to prepare your walls before painting for a stunning look.

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