Critical features of RAD 140 SARM

RAD 140 or Testolone is an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator developed as a potential substitute for exogenous testosterone replacement therapy. A study at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, involving rad 140 testolone and rats was conducted in 2014. The study found this SARM to be safer than TRT. RAD 140 has not been approved by US FDA, but it has become popular among bodybuildersbecause its effects include muscle building and fat loss.

History and clinical status

Radius Health Inc. developed Testolone as an alternative to steroids for bodybuilders. In 2017, the first-in-human study involving the drug was done on patients who have breast cancer. RAD 140 was licensed to Ellipses Pharmaceuticals in the year 2020. Ellipses Pharmaceuticals owning RAD 140, is a famous company having its headquarters in London.

RAD 140 is still in the trial stage. The first stage of the clinical trial will give a clearer picture of this drug’s toxicity, side effects, and safety. In a nutshell, Testolone is still an experimental drug with processes to get approval for human consumption in progress.

How does RAD 140 act?

Androgens are hormones naturally produced in the body. Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone, and Androstenedione are collectively called androgens. These hormones regulate the growth of secondary sexual characteristics and reproductive activities in males. Androgens bind to the androgen receptors in various body cells.

The rad140 sarms act like androgens and bind to the androgen receptors. But it is selective and binds to the androgen receptors in muscles, bones, and liver. Unlike testosterone and steroids, rad 140 does not bind to the receptors in the prostate and other reproductive organs. Thus, it is believed to promotemuscle growth and strengthens bones without any adverse effect on the male reproductive system.

RAD 140 is believed to be free of side effects associated with steroids, such as breast growth in males and abnormal hair development in males and females.

What are the potential benefits of RAD 140?

Testolone selectively targets the androgen receptors in bone and muscle tissues. As a result, it increases muscle mass and bone density. It also acts as a fat cutter and reduces excess fat stored in the body, leading to weight loss. Thus, bodybuilders prefer this drug over steroids to improve lean muscle mass, achieve correct weight and gain strength.

The energy level is enhanced by rad 140. High energy coupled with increased muscle power enables the person to perform complex and strenuous activities efficiently. Fatigue is reduced, which helps in faster recovery after workouts. Training more complex becomes easier without using steroids.

RAD 140 prevents amyloid-beta from entering the brain. Amyloid-beta is a protein that is associated with memory loss and other adverse effects on the brain. By preventing entry of this protein, testolone improves memory and other brain functions. This drug can also prevent memory loss in old age.

RAD 140 protects against breast cancer by preventing protein ESR1, which is one of the factors responsible for causing breast cancer.

RAD 140 does not cause water retention and breast tissue swelling because it does not aromatize.

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Sale and dosage of RAD 140

Many online pharmacies in certain countries offer rad 140 for sale even though it is still in the clinical stage and has not received approval for human consumption. The drug comes in the form of capsules or liquid. Bottles containing a specific number of pills, such as 30 or 60 of exact dosage, are available for sale. Liquid testolone bottles of various capacities such as 30 ml are also available. Liquid testolone needs to be taken sublingually.

There is no data available on the safe dosage for rad 140 because it is an experimental drug. Thus, dosages are recommended based on the experiences of people who have experimented with this drug. The lowest dosage suggested by users’ ranges between 8-10 mg once a day. Professional bodybuilders can take 20-35 mg per day. The drug can be taken for a cycle of 10 weeks. Exceeding the cycle beyond ten weeks can cause side effects.

Post cyclic therapy is recommended after completing the cycle of testolone to prevent side effects.

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