Different Types of Commercial Painting Services

The market size of Sydney’s painting and decorating services is $7.2 billion. Here, a painter usually earns up to $24.35 per hour. Commercial painters typically focus on painting projects for different kinds of businesses. These large-scale projects involve businesses like massive residential complexes, restaurants, and historical landmarks. Many people think commercial painting services only focus on interior and exterior painting. However, apart from that, the painters provide many different painting services. Reliable commercial painters in Sydney help determine the appropriate combinations of colours and patterns. They also abide by the instructions that the manufacturers provide to achieve the envisioned final results. Below are some of the significant commercial painting services you should know about.

Stains and Transparent Finishes

These have been rising in popularity in recent years. They are ideal for enhancing the appearance of a room that has wood surfaces. Wood stains are a kind of paint that binds with the wood’s natural grain. It soaks pigments into the fibres of the wood. Wood stains look aesthetically pleasing and add more durability to the structure. They allow the wood to look natural.

Transparent finishes are clear coats that boost the natural wood colour. They also give a protective coat to the entire surface. Stains and transparent finishes safeguard the surface from elements like moisture and harsh sun rays.

High-Performance Coatings

These are usually employed inside the industry. They offer protection of meal structures. High-performance coatings create a surface that cannot get destroyed easily. It can also withstand abrasion, chemical exposure, corrosion, and physical use. Some select commercial painters offer intumescent coatings. These have much in common with high-performance coatings. They are used as a fireproofing method. The service demands a distinct skill set in the industrial paint set. If you desire to avail of this service, you must inquire about their level of experience and unique knowledge base.

Epoxy Floor Paint Service

Epoxy floor paint is hard-wearing and highly durable. So, it’s perfect for those places that receive a good amount of traffic, like trucks and vehicles. You can get a first coat and topcoat paint in different colours and suitable for applications to cement, concrete and non-ferrous metals. Reputed commercial painters in Sydney use two-pack epoxy floor paint to paint floors that make them look better and safeguard them from getting damaged by heavy vehicles or forklifts. It’s because they use materials that are traffic resistant. Epoxy paint also is resistant to solvents, water, salts, and alkalis.

Floor Coatings

Commercial painters also engage in floor maintenance or redo it on a business premise. They employ opaque coatings, which are applied to several floorings. Some significant examples consist of polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings. The layers come with protective qualities. Thus, the floors are safe from humidity, chemical exposure, scratches, and

temperature fluctuations.


Water can harm a structure. So, waterproofing is a vital step in protecting any investment from the vagaries of weather. The process of waterproofing involves adding an extra protective layer to the business exterior. It, in turn, safeguards it from sunlight, water, wind, decay, and the like.

These were some of the primary commercial painting services you must know about. It’s essential to connect with only the most reliable painters in your area. They have specialised knowledge of different painting methods that enables them to give you optimal results.

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