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Digital Marketing in Thailand: Keeping It Simple

If you run a business in Thailand then It can be far too easy to get bamboozled by the various digital marketing jargon and terms that are thrown around these days. There is no denying that there are some pretty amazing ways of advertising your business online, more so than ever before however, knowing which ones to lend your attention to is absolutely key;

Knowing the basics

As a business owner you probably rely on others more than you realise and, perhaps give more of your trust away then you usually would do. Most business owners say that it’s because there is so much to take care of and so little time to do it, they find themselves taking risks that they wouldn’t normally do.

Even with tech on your side to simplify things, tech itself is an area that’s easy to become ‘engulfed’ in, especially considering that any time you go online you are most likely advertised to, somehow or another. It can end up taking up more of your time than it saves so, knowing the basics is really important, at least that way you’ll know what to focus on and what not to.

The essential services

To help you keep things in check, and to give you a heads up for when you begin to speak with a digital marketing agency in Thailand, here’s a rundown of the absolute essentials, or must haves when it comes to marketing your business online.

Paid searches

As a business owner, paid services will be something that you are no doubt very familiar with. In the world of digital marketing, it essentially means that, a business can buy keywords and have different advertising displayed in the search engine result pages when a person searches for such keywords

Content marketing

This is a type of digital marketing that uses the creation and sharing of various online media, that could be in the form of a video, a blog or a post on a specific page. It’s a rapid area of digital marketing, almost as rapid as tech itself, the more relevant content you create that others share, the better. The process also relies on you sharing others’ content, if nothing else to make yourself more ‘visible’.


You’ll see this term a lot, it is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization which essentially means improving your website in order to make it more relevant and more visible when it comes to search engine searches and results.

Social media marketing

What it says on the tin really, you’re probably already signed up to at least one or more social media platforms which are essentially huge databases and will have seen adverts in various forms. You can create a presence such as a business page whereby you can share content or, you can pay for adverts to appear to specific groups of people.

Don’t forget the grandfathers

SMS and email marketing are probably two of the oldest forms of digital marketing that are still available to use. Remarkably, SMS is still one of the most effective ways of getting somebody’s attention, as such it’s important to make it part of your overall digital marketing package.             

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