Do People Actually Need Protein Powders?

Have you recently enrolled yourself at a gym? You will most definitely notice many guys sipping or talking about different types of protein powders. Some may prefer to mix it into their smoothies, while some may prefer to consume it by mixing it with just water. The consumption of protein supplements is increasing with every passing year. But why do fitness enthusiasts buy protein powder? While earlier limited to certain online stores, today, protein supplements are easily accessible almost anywhere, be it offline or online.

But is protein powder just limited to and be used only by bodybuilders, or can an average person also take advantage of it?

The Science Behind Protein Powder

You may have a conception of protein powders being a white powder-like substance made to be dissolved in a liquid. But they come in many forms. The primary ones are whey, soy, and casein protein. Among these three, whey is by far the first choice of any fitness enthusiast. The reason for it is because it is a water-soluble milk protein. In addition, it is a complete protein, which means that it comprises all nine amino acids that the human body needs.

Those who are vegan prefer to consume soy instead of whey. There is not much difference between the two. However, soy does not dissolve as easily into the water as whey does. Protein powders prove to be helpful in certain circumstances. Nutrition experts recommend it because they are a convenient and easy source of high-quality protein, which the muscles need after they break down after an intense workout.

Protein is essential, especially for avid exercisers and older adults who want to build muscle. They can really see results by consuming approximately 1.5 to 2 times the protein that the FDA recommends. Women who are pregnant also need higher protein than usual. But they should only use any protein supplement after consulting a certified obstetrician.

When You May Require More Protein

Although you can get enough protein from food sources alone, there are more than a few circumstances when you may want to buy protein powderAccording to sports nutritionists, it becomes essential to consume more protein when:

  • Your body is developing – An adolescent requires a greater amount of protein to drive their workouts. Their body is in a growing phase and utilises more protein.
  • When a person commences an exercise program – When someone starts working out to build muscle, they will have more protein requirements.
  • When you increase the workout intensity – If you worked out for thirty minutes before but now decide to train for a half marathon, you will have more protein requirements. You are putting your muscles under more stress, so you will need to repair them with ample protein.
  • When your body is healing from an injury – Sports injuries usually require you to consume more protein. A higher level of protein helps in the healing process immensely.

Protein powders are a safe and effective way to increase your daily protein intake. But they come with different price tags. If you are an average athlete looking to buy protein powderyou do not need to worry much about the cost. However, those training for a competition may require a specific type of protein powder according to their needs.

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