EasyMarkets review and its comparison with others.

Are you confused between choosing a trading company for yourself? Forex company is the most important part of your trading experience. So choosing the best company should be your number one priority. Here in this article we will give you a short easyMarkets review along with the best forex traders review and comparison.

What is an easyMarkets trader?

It’s a company providing financial services for more than 20 years. It has introduced many technologies to simplify the life of the trader. It helps making trading more profitable and comfortable. The main purpose of this broker is to coordinate with clients from different countries and offer them different currencies to trade. It also allows them multiple methods for withdrawal and replenishment of funds.

Here is a comparison of easyMarkets with the top ranking trading platforms in Australia according to Traders Union.

IC Markets:

It has been a trading company since 2007 regulated by Sydney, Australia. It has been a partner of the Traders Union and proved its reliability. It is famous because of the low spread rate offered by it. Quality of customer care is cherry on the top. This company with all the clients whether they are professionals or not. They provide the best marketing conditions to their customers. Copying transactions by analyzing trading strategies of successful traders.

Here are few advantages of IC Markets:

  • Trading conditions are favorable.
  • More than 90 types of trading conditions are available.
  • Low spread rate from 0 pips.
  • Speed of execution is high.
  • Can be traded on mobile apps.
  • Islamic accounts are available.
  • Customer service is high.
  • Additional services like risk depth, calculation or management.

Interactive Brokers Trading Company:

It is one the best known US investment companies working since 1977. It is regulated internationally. It is a reliable partner providing a large number of services to their clients. In case of inactive accounts this broker charges fees which is not convenient for passive investors. It has been working in the market for over 42 years having access in 135 markets of 33 different countries. People are doing over 1.7 million transactions daily.

Here are few advantages offered by interactive brokers:

  • They offer a wide range of trading instruments.
  • Having access to 134 markets.
  • No minimum deposit rate.
  • Clients having no experience can take different training programs which are available.
  • Large number of international regulators.
  • Different types of accounts are provided.


It is a social trading platform working since 2007 with over 140 countries. Licensed by different regulators. Providing innovative services like offering over 2000 trading assets. They are trading with more than 6 million customers. Providing a calendar to keep their clients up to date with the upcoming events.

Here are few pros of eToro:

  • In their personal account detailed stats are available.
  • Investment portfolios are available.
  • Minimum copying amount is 1$.
  • Handy functionality for passive investment.
  • Have independent shares as regulators.
  • You can buy shares at once.

IG Markets:

It is a subdivision of IG Groups Corporation. IG Market is a well-known company since 1974 which is registered in the UK. Focused on providing services like trust management and investing in consultancy support. Any trader can open an account on IG markets by following easy and simplified steps. Have suitable trading conditions for long term cooperation and active trading. It is not beginner friendly but with a practice you can easily work and trade on it.

Here is a list of pros of IG Markets:

  • They are offering 16 plus trading instruments.
  • Have a good spread rate.
  • Providing 24/7 customer support.
  • Highly reliable platform.
  • Allow scalping and algorithmic trading.
  easyMarkets IC Markets Interactive Brokers Trading Company: eToro IG Markets
Overall rating 3.06 9.5 9.2 8.7 2.85
Minimum deposit 25$ 200$ 1$ 200$ 1200$
Leverage rate 1:400 1:500 1:30 450$
Support 24/5 24/5 24/5 24/5 24/7

Hence you can select the best forex broker according to your choice. Advantages of some top ranking brokers are given above. You can go through them and select the one which is good for you.

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