Elevations RTC’s 5 Peaks To Help Their Students Succeed

Adolescence is a period of change and self-discovery. It can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. Some struggle more than others, to the point of neglecting their studies and putting their future in jeopardy. 

Concerned families often turn to Elevations RTC for help. The residential treatment center offers a nurturing environment for teens 13 to 17.5. They can study full-time while getting all the support they need to overcome personal challenges. 

The successful program relies on a structured approach called the 5 Peaks. 

Peak 1: Relationship Model

Many studies show that we are social creatures that lean on others for development, and fulfillment. Relationships with family and peers are especially important for teens as they learn and grow. 

Having a social life is crucial for a teenagers developement.

When their social lives break down, they tend to suffer from tremendous stress, anxiety, and depression. Elevations RTC takes a community-based approach to demonstrate respect, accountability, and high standards — the building blocks of solid relationships. 

Residential treatment centers are for teens who are already struggling with these challenges in their lives. Many parents seek them out because they don’t know how else to help. Elevations RTC specializes in mending relationships through family therapy, parent seminars, and group orientations. 

The residential facility established a strong Peer Culture Model. It provides students with ample support and feedback from their peers. In many ways, young people understand each other better than adults because they are going through the same experiences. 

Elevations RTC operates with a team of professionals from various disciplines. Their collaborative work style helps to foster a similar cooperative culture among the students. 

The Elevations RTC team strives to help their students know how much they care about their well-being. The ratio between staff and students is as low as possible to ensure that everyone gets enough attention. 

Whenever a student has needs, someone is there to listen and assist immediately. It reduces anxiety and develops trust.

Peak 2: Therapeutic

The team behind Elevations RTC includes a full-time psychiatric team and licensed counselors. According to their website they run a therapeutic program in a warm environment that helps influence teens to lower their walls so they can heal. 

With a diverse array of expertise, students can get whatever services they need for better outcomes. They can benefit from 25+ hours of clinical and therapeutic services every week. 

The clinicians are experts in trauma work, ADHD, substance use, art therapy, dialectical therapy, and other specialties. Parents can also go to the facility for six to eight onsite seminars every year. 

The on-site psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners at Elevations RTC work with the students on a regular basis and are part of the treatment team, allowing for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. 

The nursing staff takes it further by being inside the facility 24/7. Students experiencing discomfort and medical issues will always have someone to turn to for quality care. 

Families do not have to worry about their children. 

Peak 3: Engaging

Elevations RTC is in Syracuse, Utah — just north of Salt Lake City. Its proximity to nature makes the environment even more therapeutic. Students can go outside to experience exciting adventures with support from the staff. 

Kayaking, biking, skiing, and camping are activities students can try that helps boost their self-confidence, enrich their social skills, develop their fitness, and enhance their mental health. Some destinations are Moab, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Snow Basin. 

Active teens can use sports facilities on campus, including a full gym, a volleyball court, and rock climbing activities. Those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere can go to the library and the art section. 

Students can discover hidden talents and develop new skills. These can provide them with a more positive outlook on life. Teens can enjoy local activities and long trips, which can include community service to help gain a different point of view. 

Serving others helps them see beyond themselves. 

Peak 4: Valuable

Parents can be more confident that they are getting excellent value from their investment as they meet the team, from what is said online. Teenagers can get a rigorous college prep to put them on track for a brighter future. 

They can also receive quality clinical care, effective adventure therapy, and 24/7 staff support in an inclusive environment. Respected institutions, such as the Utah Department of Human Services, AdvancED, and JCAHO accredit Elevations. 

These ensure high standards for policies and procedures. Students graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to become well-adjusted individuals in the real world. 

They can continue to excel in college by applying the lessons they learned inside and outside of the campus. The facility can even provide placement assistance for applications and essays. 

One-on-one tutoring is available to increase SAT scores. Many Elevations RTC students go on to study at prestigious schools around the country. 

Peak 5: Future-Oriented

Elevations RTC has a modern classroom building separate from the residences, offices, and community areas. They strive to help students genuinely feel they are in a regular school with other teenagers. 

From their website we can see that Elevations RTC’s accredited Academic Program ensures each student has time to focus on their academic load. Classes are small, with only six to eight students per teacher. 

These teachers are trained to support students with depression, ADHD, and other mental health challenges. Before graduation, students can get help with career planning to forge an excellent path for their future. 

Struggling teenagers can discover themselves in this place with the help of their peers and the supportive staff. 

Through Elevations RTC, the staff helps students graduate as happier individuals with tools to combat struggles they face.

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