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Ah, Emirates, one amongst my favorite airlines within the world. Once I rely on the airline, I believe in true luxury — one thing you would like once flying for over sixteen hours on one flight. I actually have antecedently flown Emirates Business category on a similar city to LAX route however didn’t ever assume I’d expertise top notch.

I decided to try to do a bit of analysis and managed to upgrade my Business category flight to top notch without charge by mistreating mastercard points!

Yep, you scan that right! It didn’t price Maine a penny to upgrade to at least one of the most effective top notch flights on the market.

When I say my flight was unimaginable, I mean unimaginable. It exceeded my expectations then some. wish to sip bottomless glasses of Dom Perignon, nibble on caviare AND take a shower at 35,000 ft? Look no more.

Emirates top notch Suites

Unlike Emirates Airline Business category, top notch passengers get their own suites. That’s right. A suite! With fourteen suites in an exceedingly 1-2-1 configuration, in spite of wherever you finish up, you’ll take care to like it. The center seats have partitions that may be down just in case you’re flying with somebody else. I opted for a bench suite!

There are not any overhead bins in the top notch that make your suite feel super open and spacious.

As you board the plane and settle into your own suite, you’re greeted with hot towels, Arabic occasional dates, and champagne (Dom Perignon to be exact!). Once settled, you’ll realize that the seats fold down into a totally lie-flat bed and that they embody a pad topper and full-sized pillow thus you’ll realize no hassle obtaining comfy.

Emirates top notch Amenities

So, you thought the suites were nice, right? simply wait till you hear regarding all of the amenities included! Guests get an outsized Emirates bag that features pajamas, slippers, and an animal skin Bvlgari pleasantness kit. The pleasantness kit is crammed to the brim with luxury aid merchandise and even contains atiny low bottle of the company’s signature fragrance.

It seems like Christmas morning as presently as you sit down!

You also have your own personal snack basket crammed with savory, sweet and salty snacks. They even provide you with a tube of rehydration tablets to stay you feeling your best on a protracted flight.

Other amenities embody a counter engineered into your suite with refreshments, noise-canceling headphones, and lighted mini self-importance with further toiletries!

Lastly, let’s not chuck the shower. Every top notch guest is allotted a 30-minute window to use the bathroom to shower and freshen up before landing. You’ll get five minutes of flowing air mass, predicament (that you’ll pause if you would like to stretch the experience).

In the shower space, you’ll realize each pleasantness you may want, from soaps to razors to nail kits.

Emirates In-Flight diversion

As for diversion, every suite includes a 27” TV with a wireless pill remote that’s terribly almost like an associate degree iPad. once you shut the suite doors, it nearly seems like you have got your own movie.

The city to LA leg has free LAN for the period of the flight and every suite includes a universal plug purpose and USB port for charging devices, thus you’ll get all the work done your heart desires! one amongst my favorite very little touches was the pad and pen station thus you’ll doodle or journal!

Emirates top notch Food & Drink

Emirates’ top notch goes simply on the far side its amenities. eating is on-demand with the airline which means you get no matter you would like, whenever you would like it. On the menu, you’ll realize a la bill choices, gourmet dishes, snacks, and more. They conjointly begin your eating expertise with caviare.

Don’t get any adorer than that!

Some menu choices embody waffles, metropolis eggs, cooked beef cut of beef, Mughlai chicken, chicken and lemongrass soup, and more. If you have got an appetite like Maine, you have got choices like lemon cake with pistachio, brownies, fruit, a cheese board, and more.

Depending on your route, the menu can most likely take issue slightly.

I think one amongst the largest highlights of flying with Emirates Airways is their nutrient menu. although you’re flying top notch, it’s value strolling back to the Business category bar. There’s associate degree aboard bar staffed with bartenders and a lot of snacks.

You can choose between an inventory of wines, beer, liquors, mocktails and cocktails!

Emirates top notch Lounge in city

One of the reasons I upgraded my leg from the city to LA (instead of the opposite means around), was to experience the Emirates top notch Lounge in Dubai!

When you arrive, you’ll book a complimentary 15-minute massage at the Emirates top notch Lounge unchanged Spa. Fancy obtaining your hair and nails done? you’ll prefer knowledgeable blow dry or a manicure refresh! currently that’s the thanks to begin a protracted day of travel, right?

The lounge is huge. There’s a buffet eating place, multiple food and drink stations, a bar, a roll of tobacco lounge, a chamber, and even its own nontaxable  search. It’s immoderate, per top notch standards. Not a lover of overcrowding in lounges? you actually don’t have to be compelled to worry that here—seats are well endowed, still as a house.

You even have a special gate to board the plane completely through the lounge thus you don’t have to be compelled to board with the complete plane at the traditional gate.

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