Essential Points to Know Before You Go for Lash Extensions Procedure

Do you crave fuller lashes that also look natural? Well, you can get the desired effect by getting eyelash extensions. In Sydney, this cosmetic procedure is typically priced between $80 to $180. The application time is usually 45 to 60 minutes. Here, the most significant development in this cosmetic procedure has been the introduction of the volume technique. This advanced method resulted in utterly luscious and fluffy eyelashes. Today you can get eyelash extensions in Sydney from a clinic that has trainers who are internationally recognized in the field. The lashes they give you allow you to carry on your regular daily routines without problems. However, many women make the mistake of rushing to their nearest salon to get extensions. You must understand the process before you go ahead with it. Here are some essential things to know about it.

The Process of Getting Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash extensions refer to synthetic or natural fibres that an expert attaches over a person’s natural lashes. They do it by using glue. It’s a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. A fuller set of lashes changes the entire look of a person. They can make your eyes wider and more awake. Due to the positive change it creates, it tremendously boosts the confidence levels of women.

A technician will apply the eyelash extensions in three major steps.

  • First, they clean your natural lashes with a makeup remover.
  • Then, they put eye pads below both your eyes. It is done to cover the lower lash line. The eye pad separates the upper from the bottom lashes.
  • The last step is the application of glue on the lash line. Individual fibre extensions are placed on the natural lashes using tweezers.

Factors to Consider to Pick the Right Eyelash Extensions.

Many lashes are available in the market, which can easily confuse you. That’s why you should get eyelash extensions in Sydney from a renowned clinic whose stylists offer high-quality extensions that deliver an intense and natural-looking lash. The process from such a clinic takes around two hours to complete. It instantly enhances the eyes and gives them a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Here are some points to consider when finding the right lashes for yourself.

  • Know about your eye shape – To get a natural and stunning look, you must pick extensions that are perfect for your eyes. Consider the size of your eyes, their orientation, and colour. You must also consider the type of your eyelids. It means knowing if you have hooded or monolid
  • The level of dramatic effect you desire – You can transform your eyes dramatically with eyelash extensions. But you must know the kind of look you like. Long and thick lashes are ideal if you want a very dramatic look. For natural-looking lashes, choose discrete extensions and blend nicely with your natural ones. You can also take the guidance of your stylist for this purpose.
  • Be mindful of your budget – It’s important to remember that eyelash extensions are shed regularly. It is because of the growth of natural eyelashes. You may shed up to five lashes every day. So, it becomes crucial to replace them after every one month or so. Doing so demands time and money. So, you must ensure that you have the budget to go for regular lash refills.

Researching adequately about this cosmetic procedure beforehand will help you find the best facility. Keep the various factors mentioned above. They will guide you in getting lash extensions that look good and gel well with your lifestyle.

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