Ethiopian coffee guide: Buying & brewing guide

How deep insights do you have into the ingenious Ethiopian coffee industry?

Ethiopia is the home country to the first Arabica coffee beans discovered by a local farmer 600 years ago and still grows thousands of other unique-flavoured varieties of coffee. Like France is entitled to the fashion industry, Ethiopia fumes world history as the oldest and the longest coffee-drinking and bean-producing country.

The vast capacity to thrive coffee plantations in this East African nation is credited to the country’s geographical location, much traced with high mountainous ranges, sandy soil, and extensive farm areas. Ethiopia is the leading African nation that was never enslaved by the European colonizer and could preserve its unique socio-ethical culture, genotype, delicious cuisines, and integrity. It is an ancient land that stands unique compared to other African nations with English and 80 different languages spoken.

Ethnicities can enjoy a wide assortment of coffee cups alike, streaming from the stalls at local hamlets to ritzy coffee houses in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

Buy Ethiopian Coffee Online

Ethiopia contributes to 3% of the total coffee trade worldwide and rates as the sixth-biggest producer of coffee beans. Several varieties of modern roasted, pan-roasted are readily available in tonnes of sustainable packs through the online selling portals at reasonable prices. Coffee grown in Ethiopian farms is famous for winey tones and bright-tangy sensations, with beans ranging from light to medium texture and high in acidity.

We bring for you a well-reviewed and trusted list of Ethiopian online brands from where you can easily place your orders and get shipped straight to your doorstep.

  1. Water Avenue – overall moderate
  2. Cognoscenti Coffee – light roasted
  3. Kona Gold – creamy and soft
  4. Stone Street- dark roasted coffee
  5. Peet’s – delicious selection for millennials and penny-pincher
  6. Stumptown -exquisite whole bean
  7. Onyx Lab – espresso fanatics

When it comes to quality, Ethiopians strongly believe in naturally processing the coffee that calls for the conventional style of drying the cherry fruit and its counterpart coffee bean.

Multifariousness in the online purchase of the coffee stems from the way Ethiopians drink it! They rarely add sugar or honey or any other sweetener to the drink; instead, they choose to brew it naturally in stout terracotta pots locally named jebena. The whole assembly place over charcoal-fire infuses a smoky aroma and is later served to everyone in beautiful, sleek, and no-handle cups.

Buy Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Online

The joy of pounding the coffee beans spirits up with Yirgacheffe beans!

The most catalogued Yirgacheffe has always been fairly much in coffee drinkers’ high-scale of 10 and possesses distinctive defining features. The beans are grown and collected from the wild trees in the Yirgacheffe sub-region, south of Ethiopia. You can prefer to blend the processed beans as a constituent for instant coffee or brew it slowly over the 40 minutes traditional process to enjoy the freshness. Incomparable characteristics of the Yirgacheffe Coffee include,

  • Glistening
  • Acute taste
  • Moderately boiled
  • Soothing flowery toned aroma
  • Medium to rousing acidity
  • Exotic Fruit flavours

Yirgacheffe Coffee produced at low farms is more inclined towards herbal aroma, whereas high land cultivation dominates a flowery scent. As a result, Volcanica Yirgacheffe Coffee beans are a guaranteed and value-for-money pick.

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How to brew the coffee to lavish our perfect aroma and flavour?

  1. The self-automated dripping system brews best the coffee that is light in texture and higher in acidity. These drippers are fitted with paper filters to transparently produce energetic coffee cups, rich in aroma and balanced acidity.
  2. Pouring Over results in more controlled and slow brewing that enhances the distinguished flavours of the coffee. As you sip in the brewed coffee, you can feel the bright notes of the exotic natural extracts dried within.
  3. Refreshing cold or super-chilled brewed coffees are an extravagant choice for the flowery or fruity aroma such as blueberry, peach, jasmine, lemongrass, and beyond.
  4. Hot & Cold brewing is a perfect get-up-and-go trend where you brew iced coffee over the burning coal enriching the taste and smell.


The best coffee beans in Ethiopia are produced and brewed to cater to the needs of national people and hence pitch the country’s economic growth, unlike other exporters companies.

Ethiopian coffee bag exports were comprehended to be around 3.8 million in the last fiscal year 2019-20, but it is observed that the estimated target is yet to be met in next 2020-21. The reason for this downturn is reported to be ragging the COVID-19 pandemic, factoring decrease in international demand and restricted transportation across Ethiopian boundaries.

What are you waiting for? Clip yourself to years old inherited Ethiopian “coffee heritage”.

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