Everything You Need to Know About HealthTap

HealthTap is an interactive expert health companion that helps you avoid unneeded urgent care or emergency room visits. It also assists with obtaining doctor-ordered prescriptions, ordering lab tests, and getting reminders for follow-up appointments.

This service is accessible to patients, employers and insurers. It utilizes proprietary matching technology to instantly connect patients with U.S. online doctor in real time.

1. AI-powered symptom checker

Online symptom checkers have been around for some time, but artificial intelligence is giving them a boost. With millions of other people’s stories behind them, these tools can quickly provide patients with knowledge about their symptoms based on millions of other people’s experiences.

Patients could benefit from quicker diagnoses, save money and improve their health. Utilizing AI-powered symptom checkers is also an important way to reduce misdiagnosis and enhance patient safety.

2. Library of doctor-answered questions

HealthTap allows consumers to build a relationship with an on-demand doctor who will partner with them in caring for their wellbeing. With doctors available 24/7 via text or video chat, an extensive library of member-asked questions on any health topic or symptom, and an AI-powered symptom checker, HealthTap provides comprehensive primary healthcare to anyone who needs it.

HealthTap has become a leader in the virtual care movement, drawing from physicians across 141 specialties across all 50 states who are dedicated to serving patients online and making a difference. Users report that the care received from these physicians is as good as or better than in-person visits.

3. 24/7 access to a doctor

HealthTap is a service that connects patients to doctors through video or text chat. Its app enables users to search an extensive library of doctor-answered questions and receive medical advice and prescriptions from any device – even while on the go!

This service offers convenient access to urgent care without the need for a doctor’s appointment. Furthermore, members can use it for referrals and lab tests.

The company began with doctor Q&As, but has since added app curation and doctor ratings as well as AppRx–a doctor rating and prescription service. Furthermore, HealthTap launched HealthTap Prime–which allows customers to video-chat with two doctors simultaneously–as well as HealthTap Compass–a new service specifically tailored for employers.

4. Personalized care

HealthTap puts personalized care at its core. Its AI-powered symptom checker utilizes data from your medical profile to suggest possible causes, actions to take, and potentially prescribed medications.

Moreover, the app offers an expansive library of doctor-answered questions that you can search free to gain more insight into your condition or treatment options. This enables you to make educated decisions and avoid expensive visits to hospitals or urgent care clinics when symptoms aren’t serious.

HealthTap also offers a Concierge service, providing personalized medical advice from doctors you can connect with via virtual video consults for an additional fee. All of this is based on the personal health information you share when signing up with HealthTap.

5. Payment options

HealthTap provides its users with several payment methods. These include monthly subscription fees, one-time consultations and in-person visits.

HealthTap also provides a free service that allows users to speak directly with a doctor for medical advice and answers to health queries, known as HealthTap Concierge. This is an additional benefit offered by the platform.

Telemedicine service that allows users to communicate with doctors in real time via HD video and text chat. Requiring a high-speed internet connection, this telemedicine platform relies on WebRTC open standards.Doithuong

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