Everything You Need to Know About Norton Rehab

Norton rehab is based in a peaceful small town in the northwestern part of Kansas. Since 1967, this rehab has been a residential addiction treatment facility helping thousands of adults. At Norton rehab, we have various and comprehensive residential rehabilitation programs, including safe, medically monitored detox from alcohol and drugs, addiction education, relapse prevention planning, healing therapies, and long-term recovery strategies. To treat alcohol and drug addiction, our treatment approach blends 12-step philosophy with innovative clinical methods. We have a team of compassionate clinical experts that offers evidence-based, patient-centered care in a comfortable environment that supports holistic healing. Our treatment and recovery experts customize a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient that addresses physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health needs. To achieve not just soberly but long-term recovery during and after your treatment stay, your treatment team works alongside each other. 

Reasons Why Norton Rehab is Top-tier

At Norton Rehab, we don’t treat our patients as a number. Instead, we treat them as people who need love and unbiased help. Even though each person could be having a different story, they are all individuals here who came here for the same reason; that is to recognize their powerlessness to their substance of addiction. That’s why we ensure to treat all our patients like family. When they stumble along the path of recovery, we help them. We provide our patients with care and compassion during the treatment process, giving them a listening ear and a hug when they need it. We understand that addiction is a disease and not a choice; therefore, we help them change their thinking about it. This way, they can realize that addiction will be a lifelong struggle, and they are not cured when they leave treatment once they come to terms with that way of thinking. 

At Norton Rehab, we are also proud to provide care to people of all backgrounds without treating them differently or judging them. Everyone deserves equal and unbiased care.

Significance of Medical Assisted Treatment

Medically assisted treatment is a device we offer patients who are dealing with alcohol and opioid addiction. However, there isn’t enough evidence to support this kind of treatment to other substances. The treatment is, however, effective in reducing alcohol and opiate cravings.

The Medical Detox Process

Whether that be prescriptions of opiates or heroin, some patients are prescribed Suboxone to help with stepping down off opiates. Each patient that comes in for treatment goes through evaluation with a nurse and remains in the detox room for the first night for monitoring. Patients are monitored in the detox level of care if he comes under the influence of drugs or alcohols until they are considered stable by the nurse. During detox, nurses assess patients at intervals around the clock, and checking is done every hour for their safety. Skilled professionals must watch the patients closely because detox could be challenging for some people for dangerous withdrawal symptoms. We can provide the medications for withdrawal symptoms which will minimize the symptoms they are experiencing. We have nursing care 24/7 that is available for all patients. To ensure that all patients are safe and their medical needs are tended to quickly, we staff a nurse and PCA around the clock. 

Interaction of the Nurses with the Patients and How They Support Them.

While patients are here, many build a professional relationship with the nursing team and feel comfortable talking to nurses when going through both good and bad times. At Norton Rehab, it is our responsibility to comfort them when they are in need and also when they have to celebrate their improvements. We boast on the patients knowing each nurse by their name and can build that trust with us. Whether over the counter or prescription, the nursing staff administers and manages all medications during treatment. 

Norton Rehab Residential Treatment Program

The most invasive treatment program option that we offer for addiction to drugs and alcohol is the residential treatment program. This includes small group therapy, individual counseling sessions, family therapy, spiritual care, on-site medical detoxification, and comprehensive health assessments.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is Norton Rehab is an incredible place to build friendships with all the staff and other patients seeking treatment.

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