Fun Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

If your child’s birthday is approaching you do not know whether to celebrate it or not, or you doubt how to organize it in a safe and fun way. However, I think it is important to continue celebrating the lives of children.

When the birthday boy is small (between 3 and 5 years old), or shy and does not like long parties with many guests, they are bored or overwhelmed by this idea that we bring you will excite him.

From a private cinema company, we want to leave you with 5 tips that you have to take into account. From our experience, the keys to children liking this type of digital celebration are:

Choose an activity according to the age and interests of the participating children. This activity will be the theme around which the entire birthday will revolve. That is why it is very important to take into account the tastes of your child and also of the rest of the children so that everyone has fun.

Create the real experience of being on a real birthday. For this, the interaction between the children is essential. An online birthday is not about looking at a screen, but about having the feeling of being immersed in the experience of a real birthday. For this reason, the work of the adult who dynamizes the birthday party is crucial. If it is going to be you, rehearse with your child the games, songs, stories, or magic tricks that you are going to do at the party beforehand until you master them and feel comfortable.

Select the digital medium that you are going to use to make the virtual party. We advise you to choose one that you know well and fits the number of guests at the party. Almost all of us know how to use WhatsApp, but it only allows meetings of 4 people. So if you have more guests, zoom or a private Facebook group are a better option. In any case, make sure that all children know how to access and operate the tool.

Include physical details that reinforce the experience of being at a birthday. The possibilities are enormous and varied. You can organize games with clues that you send them by post so that they receive them at home. You can also send a sweet gift (a gift bag with goodies, cupcake, or piece of cake) or order a full snack to be delivered to each child at home. Or send a small gift according to the party (a party kit, a costume, a book, etc.).

Make a general outline of the times you will need to organize and carry out the birthday. If you are going to send home some items (snacks, sweets, pajama party kits) you have to take into account the time to order them, pick them up and send or deliver them yourself. The same if you need to send emails, digital or manual invitations to explain how the digital medium you have chosen for the birthday is used (zoom, meetings, WhatsApp, private Facebook group). Finally, make a small script of the times and duration of the party. Take into account the time for everyone to connect, the welcome, the duration of the games, stories, activities, etc. What are you going to do, the moment to sing the happy birthday and the farewell.

Until here today’s post. We hope you liked these ideas; if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to share your own experience, leave it in the comments of the post; we will love to read you.

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