Feng shui, Vastu Shastra, and other archaic studies on home interiors are becoming popular today, with more countries referring to them while setting up their homes. These studies focus on bringing prosperity and positivity into the house by placing elements in certain places or incorporating certain aspects. For example, incorporating plants, changing wallpaper colours, repositioning furniture, etc. These changes can increase positive vibrations in a home and directly reflect on the residents’ lives. With a hoard of stores selling flower seeds online and offline or offering remodelling services, a range of furniture designs, etc., people can effortlessly make the changes they need on a minimum budget but reap maximum benefits. While most of these elements require incorporation while building the home, homeowners can still remodel or renovate their homes accordingly. But those wanting to bring positivity into their lives with minimum change can also follow a few tips that help direct more positive energy flow into their surroundings.


While texts like Feng Shui are old, recent psychological studies confirm their effectiveness. Feng Shui can bring prosperity into the home with minimal effort. Besides Feng Shui, psychology also adds a few points on bringing in particular elements for positivity.


Cluttered surroundings can cause negative energy to circulate in homes and affect the residents adversely. Homes with cluttered interiors can make people anxious, irritated, or depressed, depending on other circumstances. But once they clear the clutter, several people affirm that they could feel the difference, which made their lives better. Homeowners can invest in storage equipment or build in-storage spaces to help declutter their homes. Regular cleaning and recycling also help keep clutter at bay.


Colour psychology is a specialised field that researches the effects of various colours on the human mind. While it may vary depending on the individual, some colours evoke positive emotions and energy overall. People should avoid dark and gloomy colours, which can reflect on their thought processes, and opting for overly bright colours might also affect them badly. While there is a range of colours people can choose from, it is essential to strike a balance between the colours they like or prefer and the colours that will evoke positive vibes. One general rule is that blue or cool tones calm and soothe the mind, while red or warm tones can instigate mental activity. Additionally, people must also focus on the colour combinations in their homes, like the wallpaper and furniture. An overall aesthetic colour palette ensures uniformity of design, which has positive effects on the mind.


Scientific and psychological studies confirm that growing up or spending time surrounded by plants enhances mood, emotional cognition, and overall outlook. People should spend as much time with nature as possible, and they can notice the changes in their lives. People living in apartments can also incorporate nature into their homes by buying potted plants. Flowering plants are an excellent option, as they will also add a splash of colour to the house. With stores selling flower seeds online, homeowners can choose from an unending variety of plants. Additionally, with several aesthetic pot choices, the plant pot becomes a design addition to their interiors.


Aromatherapy is another proven alternative form of medicine, where people use various aromas to evoke emotions or soothe the mind. Aromatherapy can also help in decongestion, relieving headaches, joint pains, etc. This therapy uses essential oils as a base and requires diffusers to spread the aroma throughout the home. People can choose from a range of natural oils and scents to uplift the home’s interiors. Potpourri is an aromatherapy technique vastly popular for its aesthetic appeal, and people can effortlessly incorporate it into their homes.

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