How Can I Deal With Depression?

Depression, like any other disease, requires quick intervention and early diagnosis, so you should take seriously noticing even the smallest symptoms or signals that indicate problems with emotions and mood! This disease requires complex treatment. 

Pharmacotherapy is largely used, but psychotherapy is equally important. Antidepressants counteract depressed mood and help to reduce the state of long-term nervous tension. It is important to take them regularly, so it is best to have someone close to you, because people with depression have problems with regularity and have no motivation to take medications. 

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On the other hand, long-term therapy with a psychotherapist allows you to work through difficult emotions, discuss uncomfortable topics, and understand your own anger and pain. Thanks to psychotherapy, patients regain a proper emotional balance and develop a sense of stability that facilitates return to functioning in social life. 

It is also good practice to come to the therapy by people from the patient’s immediate surroundings. The family is acutely affected by depression, because there are many negative emotions in this disease. You should help not only the sick person, but also the person who cares for them.

What is worth remembering when fighting depression?

Depression is a serious disorder and the doctor always decides how to treat and diagnose it. However, what is worth remembering when struggling with this difficult disease?

Depression can be successfully treated!

Take your medications as directed by your doctor. Never stop taking the drug yourself, do not modify the dose. Inform your doctor about changes in your well-being, side effects of drugs.

If the doctor has prescribed psychotherapy – come to all meetings regularly. If you don’t trust your doctor or psychotherapist, change him, but don’t quit and don’t stop the therapy!

Remember: depression is a disease. You are sick. You need treatment, but also a break from great challenges and great responsibilities. Now it’s time for a peaceful recovery.

Talk about your illness with your loved ones. 

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They are trying to understand your situation.

Try to avoid stress. Take care of a regular lifestyle.

Don’t use drugs and legal highs. Avoid alcohol. These substances help for a while and then make depression worse.

If your well-being allows it, try to do some form of physical activity regularly. It could be walking, gymnastics, cycling.

Take care of yourself and your hygiene, even if it can be difficult at times. Don’t neglect yourself!

Try to have small pleasures like reading a newspaper, a book, watching your favorite movie or walking the dog.


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