How To Determine The Value Of Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery can be one of the most beautiful objects that one could ever own. The history of this type of jewellery is long and varied. Antique jewellery goes back as far as the 17th century. It was originally created for an ornament to hang on the church door. Jewellery such as this can provide an amazing personal connection to your heritage or history. The items available today are much different than those from the past.

Precious metals

Today’s antique jewellery is usually ornamental or has a theme. Jewellery that is made from beads, stones or metals is very popular. A necklace may be created from numerous small stones that are set into the metal of the bracelet. There are other examples of ancient jewellery that we see today. Some examples are charms, rings or watches.

History of jewellery

When considering purchasing some antiques you need to find out the history of where it came from. Jewellery items that are more than a hundred years old must be declared a collectors item. These items are very valuable and their value decreases every year as they get older. Items that were owned by royalty or were given as gifts to various members of the royal family are also items to consider. Royalty jewellery tends to be more expensive than jewellery that was owned by individuals.

Where to find antique jewellery

You will often find pieces of antique jewellery at Carus Jewellery, estate sales, flea markets and garage sales. If you cannot attend these types of events then you can still find great jewellery by looking in your own local area. You may find some fantastic jewellery at a second hand store, garage sale or from an estate sale.

Rare stones

If you want to purchase jewellery that is not precious, you can purchase items with hidden gems or rare stones. If you are looking for an example of this type of jewellery then you should consider buying a vintage piece of necklaces or rings. If you want a piece from a certain period of time you should consider buying antique rings, necklaces and bracelets from this time period. Vintage jewellery items can often be worth a lot of money if they have significant sentimental value. It is important to ensure you do not make a mistake when purchasing a specific piece.


Antique jewellery items can be considered collectibles and should be priced accordingly. Do not make the mistake of believing that due to its age a piece of antique jewellery will be cheap. While these pieces are usually made from materials that are not as valuable today, their value will increase over time. If you want to add value to your collection then you should consider investing in gold jewellery items.


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