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How to do Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Earlier, many realtors did not know or like to use social media for their business, but things have changed a lot now. As per reports by NAR – the National Association of Realtors, social media marketing is crucial for scoring customers and closing property deals. That is why 77% of the realtors use social media channels actively in some way or the other, while 47% say that these channels bring them high-quality leads. Not to mention, 99% of the Millenials start their property search on social media platforms.

So, social media is a gold mine for the real estate industry. But 82% of the real estate businesses are still struggling with their social media marketing. Are you one of them and want to understand the right way of winning more leads from social media channels? Go through the tips below:

1. Target your Audience

Social media channels offer different tools to target a specific audience, such as hyper-targeting options on Facebook for both advertisements and organic posts. You can also define demographics like profession, income, age, interests, etc.

Twitter provides targeting through language, gender, device use, behavior, and followers. Instagram, Pinterest, and other networking sites offer similar targeting options. But to start with targeting your audience, first know your audiences and the platforms where they socialize.

Knowing their professions, choices, preferences, and lifestyles will help you set up options for both paid ads and organic posts on different social networking sites. Also, put in good time finding out the key phrases and keywords your target audiences are using when looking for a property.

2. Use Valuable Blog Ideas

Your real estate business site needs to feature an active blog that offers real value to the audience. Optimize your blog to attract new prospects to your social profiles and site. Use blog posts to show your expertise. But how do you do so?

  • Post articles on market statistics and predictions
  • Create posts about the local area and offer valuable information about the community
  • Offer tips to the homeowners and the things they must know when selling or buying a home

The BREL real estate team in Toronto does a good job with its blogs by focusing on information and local content the home buyers and homeowners want. The team highlights its listings every week with its “real estate crush of the week” section giving readers some of the best listings available.

Another excellent real estate blog is Zillow which offers some of the greatest articles to realtors and professionals. They have blog posts packed with market trends and “what you must know” to educate the readers.

3. Highlight Properties through Real Estate Videos

86% of the home buyers and sellers like working with property dealers who use video marketing. Buyers can make more informed property buying decisions after seeing properties through videos. Thus, it is best to make real estate videos and post them on social media because, as per research, 79% of individuals between 18 and 29 use Facebook, and 82% of people between ages 30 and 49 use both Instagram and Facebook to search for the best properties.

You can do this through:

  • Short customer testimonial videos
  • Visuals showing properties available for sale in the market
  • Behind-the-scene videos where construction work and other day-to-day activities are highlighted
  • Quick videos sharing the expertise and personality of a real estate agent

If you are not sure how to do it, take inspiration from Team Pinto working for Re/Max Twin City Realty. They have good expertise in making real estate videos and sharing them on different social media platforms. Aron and Angelica Pinto shoot videos that appeal to home buyers and sellers, bringing in more customers and boosting home sales. Also, check out the luxury property developer, The Hudson. It uploads its property tour on YouTube to build a community and promote its development.

4. Get Creative

Social networking sites offer an incredible opportunity to real estate businesses to share their property listings with the entire world – and that’s absolutely free of cost. Combined – TikTok and Instagram have 2 billion active users per month, which means your real estate business clients are also there. So, it’s time for you to channel your creativity. Be authentic in whatever you do because people always want to know the real you.

5. You Can Connect to All Kinds of Buyers – Not Only the First-Timers

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are excellent options to engage followers and know what they want when it comes to buying a property. And, some of them might be new to the home buying process, but not all.

In the USA alone, 24% of people buy a home between 40 and 50 years of age while 38% buy it between 30 and 35 years. Approximately 22% of them are first-timers. So, do not assume that you are just speaking to first-time home buyers and creating content only for them! Instead, create and post such contents on social media that can satisfy different property buyers.

6. Know and Use the Right Social Media Marketing Platforms

It is important to prioritize time in the real estate industry and focus only on those social media marketing sites that make proper sense. As per studies, LinkedIn (59%), Instagram (39%), and Facebook (97%) are the top picks of the majority of the realtors.

Facebook is the marketing staple for property businesses mainly because its user demographics showcase the target audience for any given property business income and age-wise.

LinkedIn, the B2B network, is the best spot to network with realtors and highlight industry experience. It is a platform where they can show off their expertise and get in touch with some potential customers.

Next, Instagram is fantastically booming for property businesses at present. Stylish property images and videos bring businesses to boutique and luxury real estate brands. Take the case of The Costa Group in San Francisco. The business witnessed an increase in engagement on Instagram through the major redesigning of its Instagram feed.

The Bottom Line

So, as you have seen, social media platforms are great places to generate leads. But, real estate social media marketing involves several moving pieces and careful attention to detail. With many consumers flocking to these platforms every day in search of properties, you can easily meet them, offer them what they want, and grow your business, if you follow the strategies above properly. 

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