How to find the source of the basement leak?

Walking to the hardware store during summer will help you find several methods and instant fixes for your leaky basement waterproofing. Undoubtedly some of them work, but assuming that the method suggested will automatically work for leaky basement problems being dealt at home isn’t wise. In fact, every one of these solutions will just work for the time being. The question here is whether they will yield long term results for specific basement issues or not?

Check for the source of the leak first

The first step to solve a leaky basement is to find its root cause. The symptoms may indicate the different causes of basement leakage.

Usually, the leakage occurs because of cracks in the foundation wall. They come from the lateral pressure exerted on the walls by the outside soil. When the soil absorbs excess water, it expands and the lateral pressure due to this expansion leads to cracks in the walls.

The other symptoms which contribute

However, a leaky basement may not always be caused by water seepage. Sometimes, the moisture comes from the condensation in the basement which results from poor ventilation.

There are some tests to inspect the source of wetness in the basement and a good reputable Toronto waterproofing company will perform these tests before starting their repair.

Internal and external

A lot of people go for internal basement waterproofing solutions when dealing with basement problems. While it is not a bad thing, you may need external solutions too.

When you seal the cracks on the internal wall, all they do is prevent water from entering the room and not deal with the wall cracks in the first place. It is not essential just to keep the water away from the room, but also to prevent it from seeping in the walls., as it may prove more dangerous to the house.

Sometimes the problem may be something no one expects. Basically, the fact that water doesn’t flow from the base of the house walls after snow or rain is worth concern. Getting the gutters and downspouts cleaned and channelizing the water at a distance from your house could prevent leaky basement.

Some of the ways to find the source of basement leak are given below:

Mustiness: A musty odor is a sign of moisture and humidity. It is caused by the presence of mold which grows on a damp surface. You can clear a musty basement by removing humidity from the basement with the help of a dehumidifier.

Leaky pipes: if your basement pipes sweat or drip water, then it is because of condensation and the best way to get rid of it is by asking a professional to insulate the pipes.

Wall-floor joint dampness: Lots of houses with leaky basement have excessive wetness in their wall-floor joints. This accumulation may result from rains, inefficient gutter, sump pump system or improper house slope. To fix it, you need to hire professional basement contractors to install a system to collect the excessive water and pump it out of the house.

Cracks in the floor: Cracks in the basement floor can allow water to enter inside and damage the integrity of the house. To fix this, you should call Toronto waterproofing company. They will fix the floor and install a robust drainage system and sump pump to collect excessive water and dump it out from the house.

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