How to get the perfect architectural portfolio

Following are the tips that you must follow while making your portfolio. You must also keep in mind to include the work you love rather than following someone else’s preference.

So for the best portfolio results keep on reading this!

Bring structure and story to your portfolio

Whether you use a website as a portfolio, a portfolio in digital format or a printed version, its structure is always important. With a paper or digital portfolio, you also take the order into account. What do you want to show first and with what do you finish best? Provide a coherent story here that reflects your personal vision.

If you do different types of work, such as book design but also logo design, make sure to divide it up.

Show the process of your work

If a client is considering working with you, it can often be helpful to show the process on some projects. In this way, they immediately get a concrete idea of your way of working. This can range from the first sketch, further detailed proposals, and a prototype to the finished product. It all starts with a concrete challenge, problem, emergency. So show how you get started in the research and inspiration phase by means of photos. Sketches, material studies and mood boards show your personal approach.

That is why it is also important to properly document your current projects so that you can use that material in your portfolio afterward.

Go for professional images and flawless language

You go for quality in your work, so also in your portfolio. Professional imagery is essential. Also, show details when material use and tactility are important in your work.

Keep blocks of reading text to the absolute minimum. Instead, use short titles and sentences that the reader can ‘scan’. You can also use icons and infographics to avoid running text and increase readability.

Also, make sure that the textual part does not contain any spelling mistakes. If that’s not your forte, be sure to have it read by someone who has eaten more of this. With a paper portfolio, the finish also deserves extra attention.

Come up with an original way to publicize your portfolio

Unfortunately, a good portfolio is not enough. Think about how you can reach potential customers, which will trigger them and want to see your completed work. To name just one example: as a graphic designer, you can send a teaser to your 20 ‘ideal customers’, such as a poster that reveals something about you as a designer. Don’t wait, follow. Determine the next step and prepare well when you get the chance to introduce yourself.

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Make sure your portfolio is up to date

There is nothing worse than a portfolio that is dated. Make sure to include as recent work as possible in your portfolio and schedule updates consistently. Also, keep track of images of current projects. Also regularly share updates, but also images from ‘behind the scenes’ or process photos on your social media channels.

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