How to Identify the Perfect Wakeboard for You

When the weekend comes, and you are ready for some action with your friends, the best way to chill and have fun is the beach. And for Australians, beach means surfing and wakeboarding. The governments have eased the restrictions after the covid cases came down, and now what you need is some friends with wakeboards to hit the beach.

Wakeboarding is a sport catching up on its lost popularity years ago, and people are buying this gear for fun at the sea. But what constitutes a great wakeboard? And how to identify a good-quality board?

The article lists the qualities to check for in a board to get the best one in the market.

1. Look over the skill label

When buying a wakeboard, make sure the skill label is the first thing you look at. You should be aware that a wakeboard has at least three skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The skill level of the wakeboard will also assist you in becoming more comfortable once you begin riding it.

Beginners have been known to select a higher wakeboard skill level, leading them to believe that they are not advancing. A beginner’s wakeboard is designed to help individuals avoid falling over too quickly, but an expert wakeboard allows the rider to accomplish more stunts.

2. Selecting the Appropriate Wakeboard Size

The second thing to consider when buying a wakeboard is the size that best fits your physique. Choosing a smaller wakeboard will usually cause you to sink, whilst a larger one will be harder to manage once in the water. Fortunately, most wakeboard manufacturers give a sizing chart to assist you in determining the appropriate wakeboard size for your body weight.

3. Understand the Internals of the Wakeboard

The majority of wakeboards are made with a fibreglass wrapper and either a wood or foam core. So, if you want something light, affordable, and long-lasting, a foam wakeboard is the way to go.

However, if you want something that is more sturdy but also more flexible, you should go for one made of wood.

Each wakeboard material has a distinct feel that can make a significant difference in the water. And let’s say you want to do something a little more daring. In that scenario, you can discover a wakeboard made of graphite, which is twice as durable as the other two materials stated above while remaining flexible.

3. Choosing the Fins and Rockers

The amount of bend you observe on a wakeboard’s profile is known as “rockers,” and there are two types: three-stage and continuous.

Most people compare a three-stage rocker to a skateboard since it has two separate bends. On the other hand, the continuous rocker gives a consistent performance with an even curve from tip to tail.

The fins are required to assist you to rotate your wakeboard in the desired direction. Many wakeboard fins are available, including deeper fins, which are ideal for starting wakeboards. If you’re looking for a more advanced wakeboard, look for one with a shallower, typically removable fin.

Because they chose the correct beginner board, many novice wakeboarders went on to become pros. If you want to buy your first wakeboard that isn’t too difficult to learn, keep the above-mentioned buying guidelines in mind.

These are tips that will help you choose the right wakeboard for the weekend fun with your friends.

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