These gates are extremely long-lasting and can easily endure for decades with minimal maintenance. Their longevity and simplicity of upkeep have led to them becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial settings. They look great and operate effectively for years with a little regular care.


Wooden gates are popular due to their aesthetic value, but they have several drawbacks when compared to aluminium alternatives. One is the amount of upkeep required, wood warps and swells with changes in temperature, water seeps through cracks, and decay sets in.

The deterioration of the hinges and springs will have an impact on the gates’ function, putting a strain on the motorised components. Together, all the implies that wooden automated gates require substantial maintenance.

Even with regular maintenance, iron gates will decay faster than aluminium. In contrast, aluminium gates are free of these problems. The upkeep is less complicated, and as a result, they save time and money over the long run by continuing to appear attractive years after installation.

Aluminium gates provide a better alternative than wood ones if you’re concerned about the time it takes to maintain wooden fences in good working order. If you like the look of wooden gates but are put off by their upkeep, why not choose metal versions with a professional wood-effect finish?


Aluminium is an excellent material for creating sturdy, long-lasting gates that work effectively and can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them. It’s a flexible, low-cost substance with a high strength-to-weight ratio. It’s also ecologically beneficial.

Another benefit of aluminium as a gate material is that it helps to extend the life of aluminium gates while also improving their overall appearance. Although aluminium corrodes at a slower rate than wood rots, a hardwearing finish can improve corrosion resistance. Aluminium develops a naturally occurring oxide film that gives it some corrosion resistance when untreated.

The anodized finish is applied to the bare aluminium after manufacture, preventing any oxidation and sealing the naked metal from water and air exposure. You can also pick the type of finish you want. Gates are made by Stargates in a variety of hues.


Professionally coated aluminium gates require little upkeep. However, if you want to keep yours in excellent working order for as long as possible, a little care and attention can go a long way.

Stargates’ Qualicoat paint, while extremely durable, is not completely indestructible, and certain weather and environmental conditions can have an impact on it over time. Dirt collects in cracks and joints. Insects and germs can also reside in gates, speeding the deterioration of the coating.

The good news is that by cleaning your aluminium gate, you can avoid this from happening. This is a simple procedure; the only thing to keep in mind is not to do anything to the gate’s protective layer inadvertently. no does not use a pressure washer on your aluminium gate.

It’s best to clean your gates with water and a sponge or a hose. gently go over the whole gate twice, paying particular attention to areas where dirt and grime may accumulate. If you discover any regions that are difficult to clean, utilize a detergent, but be sure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

If a product contains a caution that it is corrosive to your skin and may harm the paint on your gate, rinse it with lukewarm water or use a cloth to dry then polish for a better look.


A coated aluminium gate is susceptible to chips and scratches, depending on the amount of usage. Minor scuffs and scratches can be removed using a non-abrasive cream cleaner. It’s possible to repair scrapes with aluminium paint that is protective.

To begin, clean the area of a scratch with a mild detergent and water before it is completely dry. It may then be finished with identical aluminium paint. If you’re having trouble locating a colour that matches your gate, contact your vendor to see if they can help you locate one.

When you have the gates put up, they may be able to offer a suitable match for you to keep at home. The paints are generally available in spray cans. If a deeper dent is identified, sanding down the surrounding region before repainting it might be an option.

With properly installed coated aluminium gates, however, the chance of major dents is minimal. The most common damage that automated gate owners have to deal with is chips and scratches, both of which can be fixed.


With little maintenance, aluminium gates stay vibrant and colourful for many years. Cleaning and maintaining them is a snap. Depending on the type of treatment used beforehand, the life expectancy of a professional coating can range from 15 to 20 years.

A gate coating’s resistance to weather, corrosion, and chemicals makes it a more long-lasting finish than paint or other liquid coatings do. Natural deterioration, on the other hand, will have an impact on the overall look of the gates over time and particularly in regions where the climate is harsher, such as upland areas or by the coast.

All of Stargates’ aluminium gate paint is covered by a ten-year warranty. However, it may be time to repaint your gates at the end of that decade. This will not only assure that they look their best; it will also aid in the protection of the aluminium beneath.

The gate should be cleaned thoroughly and any rusted metal areas should be wire brushed to eliminate the rust. nAny holes can be filled with epoxy metal putty, which may then be sanded and smoothed after it has dried.

It’s critical to cover the whole gate with a suitable primer before applying a coat of paint. This will aid in the adhesion of the paint, improving its colour and overall look. It also aids in increasing its longevity.

You can then apply a fresh coat of paint, which is ideal for aluminium gates.


Aluminium gates, in contrast to other options, are particularly simple to maintain. They are both durable and light, making them one of the most dependable and versatile choices for both residential and commercial use. They can withstand a lot of abuse without their appearance being altered, making them one of the toughest and most practical alternatives for either a residential or commercial. Contact StarGates today to learn more

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