How to make a startup food delivery business?


Startups are company initiative at the micro level with the goals of the upright position. The concept of startup is starting to gain acknowledgement after 2000. It is initiated by entrepreneur or more than one entrepreneurs.

Currently the inflation rate is increasing day by day and job opportunities and the offered packages are not sufficient enough for the survival of independent individuals and their associated family. So the concept of start up business is a great opportunity for the young generation. As the custom of part time jobs is not common in east.

There are a number of  options available as a start up:

1- Small business:

In this start up a small business is started individually or in partnership. The most common example of small business startup is 24 hour tees small business started in 2003 and now grown up as a boutique.

2- Buyable startup:

In this start up the initiated business is intended to be sold whenever it got acknowledgement or successful to achieve appropriate buyer.
Usually associated with the technologies or software world. Amazon or other leading companies usually  announce merger with small businesses this is the common example of this startup.

3- Scalable startups:

In this type of start up which plead for revenue building. This is the most common start up that started at the micro level and turn it into the enormous level. Facebook and Instagram lies in this type of startuo.

4- Off shoot startup:

This is the type in which companies  that are branching themselves off from parent companies and starting up as an individual entity.

5- Social startup:

These are nonprofit organization startup for social causes or public awareness . These type of startup are usually public funded.

Startup in food delivery applications:

Food delivery app are most used applications nowadays and most revenue builder according to survey food delivery application generate the  revenue of 26.5 billion dollars in 2020 for US alone. This type of  startup has the greatest potential for profit generation than any other startup.

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Possible ways of starting up in food delivery business:

You can start up in food delivery business in any of the following ways:

Developed an food delivery application:

If you are capable enough to develop and update application, then food delivery application is the best option for you. As the investment cost rapidly falls down. All you have to do is thinking unique and applicable ideas and desired features and icons for your application.

Hire a delivery app developer:

If you don’t know developing is not a issue, you can easily  hire a app developer available on different platforms in which one is

Starting up for social cause:

Social start up like amul or fifteen  that initiate for the sake of public health issue or sustenance issue for example amul initiated against unethical dairy trade in India in 1946 and provide immense financial assistance to the farmers.

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These are some of the possible ways to start up choose what suits you best.

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