How to Make an Amazing Photo Collage on a Budget

These days, it’s easier to make photos look professional and amazing. There’s a lot of software out there that enhances the photos you have. It’s just a matter of finding the right one and knowing the pros and cons. There’s traditional editing software and there’s also a collage maker online like the one on this link.

If you are planning to make a photo collage and have no idea where to start, try using online editors. It’s free and easy to use plus editors like promo have tons of different features as well. It’s also a great tool to use if you are in a hurry. Because all you really need to do is upload the photos and let it do the work.

But what is it you need to look out for when making a photo collage? What makes a photo special and different from the rest? Here we take a look at the different strategies you can use to make your photo collages stand out. Here are five different ways you can make amazing and professional-looking photos.

Don’t Crowd the Screen

A classic rookie mistake is crowding the screen to the point where you don’t even see the subject anymore. This is very problematic as so many problems can arise from simply adding lots of effects to your photo collage. For starters, it can become very confusing. With so many things going on it’s hard to focus on the pictures themselves.

Effects surely elevate the presence of the collage but only to an extent. Anything more will end up ruining your photo and make it look amateur. Keep in mind that this also applies to videos (in case you want to make videos as well). Your best bet is to stick to a specific theme to match whatever the goal of your collage is.

At the end of the day, the content matters more than the effects. But it is a great way to present your photos in a professional but fun manner. In fact, photo collages can be seen in a professional setting but can also be used casually. That means your summer getaway photos can also benefit from these tips!

Snap a Good Photo


It doesn’t matter if you’re making a collage for professional purposes or for your social media account. You have to use the best photos you have if you want the best outcome. Furthermore, the pictures are the main focus of your collage so it makes sense to take some time to select your best-looking pictures.

Your final product will only be as good as the composition of your photos. No amount of editing will fix a bad photo. So before you even try to make a collage maker online or the traditional way be sure to frame your photos perfectly. This will also help you later on in the editing process and improve the final version of your collage.

Photographers will also tell you the same thing. The composition will help shape your artwork into something beautiful and eye-catching. However, if you don’t have any pictures handy you can always opt to use stock photos from online video editors. The photos in the online video makers’ gallery were shot by professional photographers.

Use a Collage Maker Online

If the budget is tight then a collage maker online may be the most suitable choice. Apart from it being free, it’s easily accessible on nearly any device. Be it a computer, laptop or smartphone. Basically, any device that can access a browser. Simply type in the website of the online video maker of your choice and start editing.

You may have heard some people claim that nothing beats traditional editing software. They say that online video makers are not as efficient as they claim to be. But in reality, online video makers actually make life easier for editors. It also helps save money long-term because you get to finish projects quicker.

One thing to remember though is you need a stable internet connection to access the website. This comes as no surprise since it’s mainly accessed via a web browser. However, there’s no need to worry as there is internet connectivity almost everywhere you go.  

Create a Storyboard

Another way you can save time and money is by storyboarding. This is especially effective in video production but it still applies to photo collages. An average social media handle will regularly upload photo collages of products, events, and announcements. It’s just an effective way to showcase different ideas together.

But sometimes, it can get very confusing. More so when you are dealing with a lot of elements in a single photo collage. Not even a collage maker online can help you organize all your ideas. To avoid this, try to create a storyboard even if it’s just photos. This allows you to see your project at a glance, and determine what it’s lacking.

Another good thing about storyboarding is that it sparks more ideas once you lay everything out. Consider it as an outline for your final product. At this stage, you’ll know in your head what photos can be used for the collage. And since you can see all the photos you want to use it minimizes the risk for error in the editing portion.

Less is More


You’ve probably encountered the saying ‘less is more’ one too many times. While it may sound cliché at times, the phrase actually makes sense. It basically means that in certain situations, simplicity is key. And adding fewer elements to your project means less effort.

Don’t overthink your project and stick to the basics. There is no need to put up with unnecessary hassle especially if it’s for something as simple as a collage. 

Parting Words Budget-Friendly Collage Maker Online Tools

After all, it is perfectly fine to use online editors even for small projects like photo collages. If you decide to use a collage maker online you’ll find that there are dozens of options for simple designs. The photo collage maker on Promo’s site is free to use. Moreover, it has a really simple user interface. 

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