How to Safely Handle a DIY Junk Removal

Junk removal is absolutely necessary to live a peaceful life. With frequent removal of junk, you make space for new items. Moreover, you improve the look of your home. A clean house gives you extra energy allowing you to handle daily tasks easily.

Many people have a question: how often should you remove junk? When you ask professionals about junk removal, they advise that you must remove junk twice a year. In 6 months, you gather enough junk to launch a DIY project.

When you hire a professional removal service, you avoid all the stress and effort. They handle everything from heavy lifting to transportation. However, it costs you some money. If you want to run a DIY trash removal campaign, you have come to the right place. Here, we will guide you about the required equipment and how to execute the campaign successfully.

Make a Plan

Planning or strategy is the key to execute a removal successfully. You have to come up with a strategy that covers everything from the safest route to equipment.

When you have a game plan, you avoid unnecessary worries and finish your job smoothly. Moreover, it gives you room for improvement. It makes it easy to handle an uncertain situation because you have a plan for everything. When you start removing things without any plan, it creates a mess.

At the planning stage, you need to decide a route out of your home. It should be the shortest route so you don’t need to do the heavy lifting for long durations. Additionally, it decreases the chances of damaging your property. If there are precious items in the way, you must remove them.

It may sound like a no-brainer but you must decide who will walk first on the stairs and who will walk backward. Make sure there are no wires, ropes, or anything slippery on the floor.

Get All Equipment

Junk removal requires a range of equipment. From a vehicle to a pair of gloves, you need a range of things to safely execute your plan. To ensure your safety and avoid property damage, you must not ignore the need for equipment. Here is the list of essentials for DIY removal.

Moving Blankets: This is a must-have item to easily slide items throughout your house. It protects your property and speeds up the entire process. You can also use thick blankets instead of buying moving blankets.

Utility Cart: An important tool to have at home. It helps you during junk removal, spring cleaning, and whenever you are moving things. If you don’t want to buy a kart, you can rent it for as low as 10 dollars.

Forearm Forklift: Probably, you already have forklifts at home if you do heavy lifting frequently. It is a cheap tool that makes it easy to move items from one place to another.

Appliance Dolly: If you want to move heavy appliances like washer machines, ranges, etc, you must get this tool. Since dolly is a costly tool, you should rent it instead of buying it. It makes the entire process extremely safe and quick while reducing your effort.

Apart from these essentials, you also need some other items. These items are not necessary but increase your safety and save your property.

  • Tarp
  • Orange flag
  • Painters tape
  • Four-wheel dolly
  • Ratchet straps

Divide Junk into Categories

Now, you have a plan and all the equipment to start your DIY project. It is time to divide the junk into a few categories. First of all, you need to separate functional items. You can donate these items at a donation center. It could be anything from building material to a functional appliance.

Secondly, you need to separate recyclables. Unfortunately, the United States is expected to run out of room in landfills by 2036. To avoid this situation, you need to act today and promote recycling. We must not deliver recyclables to landfills.

Apart from saving space, you are reducing the cost of products. More importantly, you are contributing to a healthy planet.

Now, the remaining junk is absolutely useless and you have to dispose of it carefully. Locate your nearest landfill and deliver the waste for safe disposal.

Transport Junk

Now, you have divided the junk into different categories. It is time to wear gloves and start moving them. Use the available equipment to safely remove the junk out of the house. You can take all the junk to your front yard or garage.

While loading heavy items, make sure that you place them at the lowest point or into the bottom. It keeps your vehicle’s center of gravity as low as possible. Moreover, it allows you to add lighter items on top of it. Make sure that you use a tarp to avoid unnecessary trouble. If an item is long and sticks out the back of your vehicle, use an orange flag to highlight it.

If you have enough space, you can load all the junk. Leave donations at the donation center and recyclables at a recycling center. The rest can go to a landfill. Otherwise, you can take them separately.

During junk removal, transportation is the most difficult part. If you want to avoid this stress, you can call a company and they will deliver the junk to the right location.


A DIY project requires commitment and serious effort to make it successful. You need to get as much help from others as possible. It is not possible to handle a trash removal project alone. Ask your family members to come forward and play a role. You can also invite your friends or loved ones.

Turn on some music and have refreshment drinks ready to serve. It will keep you motivated and energetic all the time. Keep in mind that you can always call a junk removal service if you need any help. Good luck.

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