How to set up a Home Workspace for Online Teaching

Online teaching has become the most popular mode of teaching today. Especially since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, when schools and college campuses were shut down, locking millions of students and teachers out of the classroom, across the entire nation, the demand for remote learning has grown exponentially. Due to such strong demand for e-learning and blessed with a formidable IT sector that is more than capable of meeting those demands, in online teaching India has become the world leader. There are many advantages of online teaching such as flexibility to teach and learn from anywhere at any time, personalized learning, greater accessibility, and likewise. Some great online education apps provide features such as digital whiteboards, online teaching through mobile, automated attendance, seamless teaching in low-data mode, automated fee collection system, and likewise, which greatly simplify the task of teaching online.

Online teaching provides a great deal of flexibility, in that one can teach from any place and at any time. However, your work environment impacts your productivity and as an educator teaching from home, you need the right set up to teach efficiently. Here are few tips which will help you to create an ideal home workspace for teaching online. A workspace where you can teach as effectively, if not more, as you did in the traditional offline classroom. So, without further ado, let us take a look at some tips which can help in creating that ideal workspace that appears professional, keeps distractions at bay, and enhances your mood and productivity….

Identify the Ideal Space-

First off, find the area or room in your house which is suitable to be turned into your workspace. A room is preferred over an open area. For greater productivity, select a room which has proper ventilation and is well-lit. Once the area for workspace is decided, one needs to define boundaries to isolate the workspace from any distractions from family members or roommates if you are sharing the room. Moreover, you could consider marking clear-cut boundaries for your workspace with dividers, especially if you share the room with someone. That way, your workspace will remain organized and it will also prevent important work-related items from getting lost. Setting up boundaries, can also help you mentally relaxing once you have finished teaching. If your work flow is scattered all over the place, it can cause you stress and anxiety without you even realizing it.


Teaching will take up a lot of your time at home. Consequently, you will be in your workspace for long stretches of time. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in proper furnishing of your workspace. Invest in a comfortable and ergonomic chair and a spacious and sturdy desk. Comfort should be given priority over style.

Online Teaching Hardware and Software-

Invest in a decent laptop and a smartphone. Nothing fancy, but ensure that their quality and build is good. Furthermore, one has to have a charging socket nearby as the electronic devices would need to plug into one, frequently. Alternatively, you could invest in a good power bank or an inverter which will also have utility in times of power cut. You should also keep a whiteboard and marker with you if required, however good online teaching platforms provide teachers with digital whiteboards which are way easier to use. This brings me to my next point, carefully choose the online education app for teaching online. There are some great options available today on the internet, just a single-click download away, which are absolutely free of cost and might save you a ton of effort and time while increasing your productivity.

Regular Maintenance-

At the end of each day, ensure that you declutter the workspace. Reorganize the workspace for the next working day. Clean up the surfaces and remember to dust the furniture and equipment weekly. This will help you in maintaining the same energy and enthusiasm while teaching, the next day. Thus, regularly maintaining your workspace is a great way to enhance productivity.

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A good set-up workspace is not only helped in enhancing your productivity and makes teaching a smooth experience, but it also leaves a positive impact on your students and their perception of yourself. Certainly, if you keep in mind the tips mentioned in this article, you can set up an awesome home workspace for online teaching in no time.

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