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How To Use Instagram Wisely In 2022

We all love scrolling through the amazing feed of Instagram, it not just keeps us entertained but also helps us learn from the informative content over the app. Instagram is a social media app that helps you connect with millions of people at once. You can share amazing content, watch some fun videos, communicate with your friends and family and even edit your pictures with the amazing filters and effects. It’s 2022 and with multiple features that Instagram supports you can grow on the app quickly. If you are still using Instagram lying on your bed aimlessly, then you are losing a lot. This article helps you know how to use Instagram in 2022 to do better and grow more every day.

1. Earn from Instagram:

If you are someone with a handsome amount of followers you can easily earn on Instagram. Start paid promotions, by linking to brands. You can even earn through tutorials and marketing.  If you have a business or wish to start one, simply switch your account to a professional business account and start reaching out to more customers. you can even put up Instagram ads to attract more traffic and sales.

2. Showcase your talent:

If you have a unique talent, showcase it on Instagram. you can easily put up your art works, dance moves, or any other talent that you have to entertain people and gain more views and followers. This also helps you stage your unique talents. You can even create posts and creatives from the online tool that is StoriesIG. StoriesIG can also help you put up tutorials for other people to learn a skill from you. 

3. Address issues and spread awareness:

As a responsible citizen, it is your duty to spread awareness and voice issues. What would be a better platform for this other than Instagram. Put up videos, text and picture content to raise voice against the issues being faced by the society. Use your social presence as a means to spread awareness about programs that would benefit users. You can even put up content to help people know where they can get help regarding their issues and problems.

4. Learn a new skill:

Instagram has entertainment videos and also videos that help you learn a skill. Along with the entertaining videos watch videos that are educational and learn a new skill for yourself this would help you do something productive while having fun. It could be a new makeup hack, upsc questions, tailoring skill and much more. Follow educational and inspirational accounts.

5. Limit your procrastination:

People tend to spend excessive time on Instagram. you can check how much time you spend on Instagram from ‘your activity’ in settings option. You can even set a daily time limit for Instagram to limit the amount of time you spend on the app. Set reminders to take a break from Instagram from your activity section’s time spent option. This helps you limit your daily usage of Instagram and helps you avoid procrastinating on Instagram. You can then use this time to do something productive rather than scrolling.

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