Important Items You Should Take To Camping

If the idea is to spend a lot of days in a camp and the trip is made using a car, then the possibility of taking more items is greater.

In this way, it is necessary to define what is essential for the camping days and make a list so that nothing is missing; some suggestions should not be missing.

Sleeping Bag

Like the tent, the sleeping bag is a great ally to rest after a long day of adventure. If the camping site is cold, you will need a thermal sleeping bag that withstands low temperatures. Otherwise, a summer sleeping bag will be more suitable. In addition to the sleeping bag, it is essential to remember that the inflatable thermal insulation is essential for you to have a “bed” of pleasant temperature and to be able to rest after a great day exploring nature.

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Proper Clothing

Winter camping is different from summer camping. In any case, give preference to dry-fit and tactile clothes that, in addition to being lighter to transport, dry quickly.

A waterproof sweatshirt or jacket is always recommended, as in the middle of nature, the nights tend to have lower temperatures.


Footwear is one of the most important items, whether it is for walking or for moments of rest. It is ideal always to have hiking boots and slippers for moments of rest.

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Personal Hygiene Items

Organizing the personal hygiene kit requires some practicality. It takes the essentials and everything in mini-sized like wipes, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush and hairbrush, shampoo, biodegradable liquid soap, deodorant.

If you are going camping together, choose to share some items that are not for personal use, such as toothpaste.

Towels should also be included, preferably microfiber, and extremely light, facilitating their transport in the backpack; they are affordable and allow for quick drying.

First Aid Kit

When preparing the first aid kit, including medications for daily use, in addition to dressings, medications for headache, muscle pain, nausea, flu, and fever. It is also essential to put repellent and sunscreen!

Utensil Kit

Organizing a kit of various utensils is a great way to have elements that can be missed on several occasions, such as setting up the tent (hammer, alternate stakes, or rods) or even keeping the clothes clean (springs and a rope). A camping kitchen is essential and must not be missed, so you should also include dishes, cutlery, pots, a camping, and a multi-purpose knife.

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Water And Food

Calculate the food for the days of travel and check if the camping water is abundant and certified for consumption. As for food, practical options should be given priority, such as those that do not need refrigeration to eat throughout the day (cereal bar, nuts, etc.) and have a longer shelf life.

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There are backpacks for all types of camper. However, the choice of the backpack should depend on whether you are going by car to the camping site or not. Ideally, you should have a small backpack for the trips and a larger one to store all items, such as the tent and sleeping bag.

When choosing the backpack, you must pay attention to the characteristics of each model and analyze the fabric and ribbons that allow adjustment to the body as they should provide the maximum possible comfort. A good backpack should allow you to walk with everything on your back comfortably.

Extra items

Other items may prove to be essential for your camping trips, such as a stove and fuel, crockery and cutlery, pocket knife, GPS or outdoor clock, flashlight, batteries, power bank, among others.

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