Whether you are a weeb, a travel enthusiast, or just someone who wants to experience a culture different from yours, Japan likely crosses your mind. To many Western or English-speaking nations such as Australia, the Japanese way of life might as well be alien.

From the casual popular culture to the serious social etiquette, there are vast differences between the customs of the Land of the Rising Sun and the Land Down Under. Yet it is also these differences that may attract you. As you plan your itinerary, pack your clothes, and exchange your dollars for Yen, one thing that you should not forget is a Japan sim card.

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Tourism is massive in Japan. In 2017, the country ranked 4th out of 141 countries in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. Travels to Japan reached a new record in 2018 and again in 2019. In 2020, the country will even subsidise visitors to revitalise its tourism industry. Both the public and private sectors know how vital tourism is to the country, so they have come up with plenty of ways to help visitors. Anyone can use mis webmail to get online class service.

These organisations have plenty of online apps and websites that can help you, whether you’re in the more traditional and rustic countryside or the highly modern and technological cities. You will often find yourself using your phone as you navigate, so you will also need a reliable Japan sim card. Is your thrill-seeking stomach hungry for some fugu? Or is your peace-searching soul in need from some tranquillity? You can only find your needs when you look them up.

Moreover, being lost in a foreign country with an equally foreign language can raise your anxiety. However, with a good Japan sim card with excellent connectivity, fast speeds, and enough data, you can access all the tools you need for you to have a worry-free trip.


Home is where the heart is. Unless you are a nomad, you’re likely leaving some loved ones whenever you hop on a plane. Even veteran travellers get homesick. Even if it is just for a few days, seeing all the exotic sights and hearing all the foreign words can make you long for something familiar.

Whenever that yearning tugs on your heartstrings, you can use your Japan sim card to connect you to home directly. Have some downtime in your busy itinerary to catch up with loved ones. Talk to them about your trip. Show them all the photos and videos you took. Let them know you are doing fine. And even ask them if they want you to bring some gifts.

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