When a person or family buys or rents a new home, they consider numerous parameters such as safety, locality, neighbors, house size, and privacy. Imagine moving into a new space only to find your neighbors poking their noses in your business.

It can take the fun out of this situation and make the decision seem like a terrible idea. The weather might also be of concern. Sometimes people just wish to lounge around their homes in clothes of their choosing or hang out with their kids/partners and not worry about being presentable for other people.

But hanging out on balconies is a tricky business. They have exposed spaces that widen the chances of coming face-to-face with other people. Hence, interior designers in Bangalore have concocted a list of different measures that people with balconies can adopt to respect their space and privacy.

These methods will, in a way, mar the look but beautify it. It’s almost like killing two birds with one stone. The tips provided by the interior designers in Bangalore will enhance your balcony’s appearance and improve its privacy, all at the same time.


Remember that securing something does not always have to be monotonous or even in a straightjacket fashion. If we were non-creative individuals, we would suggest installing a bland layer to differentiate yourself from your surroundings. However, let’s get creative and find other ways to create your balcony’s privacy.

  • Become a plant mom/dad

Plants are an excellent way to break the monotony in a house and provide fresh air at all times. Keeping them in one’s home is always a good idea. They induce positive vibrations and encourage people to have more plants around the house. It is much better than spending on other material goods that do us no favors.

Plants can tweak your space and act as a barrier between you and your neighbors. The best part about keeping them on your balcony is that you get to fulfill your fixations while also harboring beautiful plants and securing your privacy. Invest in bigger plants like monsteras, Nolina palm, desert rose adenium, and others. It is also easier to maintain balcony plants because water leakage is not a concern. You can easily maintain them.

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  • Install shutters

Don’t worry; installing shutters is not as dull as it sounds. There are plenty of modern materials and designs in the market that overcomes the older ideas of shutters. You could either install permanent ones or temporary ones. Contingent on your need, you will need a carpenter to come and fix one up for you. Off lately, a jungle cabin or earthy vibes are trending. Refer to Pinterest to see more ideas.

  • You can also use bamboo blinds.

Bamboo is a marvelous substance to install on one’s balcony because it looks naturally finished and compliments the plants. It is not too invasive and yet gets the job done. They come with a hook and help in keeping things more orderly. However, the only downside to placing bamboo blinds is the maintenance. They wear out quickly and have to be changed often.

  • You could invest in sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains are a classic look but bear the risk of getting wet during the monsoons. If your balcony covers the area sufficiently, this is your best bet.


These tips will help give you optimal privacy on your balcony.

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